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@monkeyman04: I wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what happened. It showed in the "Coming up on Giant Bomb" as "VIDEO ON MAR 9, 2015 11:01 PM" before the change over and now it is showing normally. Just one more reason to hate daylight savings.

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I only joined Club Nintendo was because I saw they had a Game & Watch: Ball as one of the reward tiers, but they stopped offering it once I had enough coins saved up. What a waste of time. You had to fill out the same dumb survey over and over again to get the coins.

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I've been having this issue in Chrome and Safari and was able to get in and post by popping the chat out and then popping it back in. I was able to post once as [undefined] and it immediately broke again, but I was able to see the chat even though I could not post.

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I never meant for this to happen. Wow guys, this one got a little salty really fast.

Before this thread gets locked I'd like to clarify my original statements slightly. I never mentioned the furry thing in thinking of a sexualization of the characters. It has been mentioned many times in this thread since I started it, so I'll try to not be derivative of what has come before, but what I meant by my original statements was not that the art was too sexual or too Deviant art-ish(?) for my tastes. I simply think that the art is a little bland or generic. Actually I think I wasted a good word a sentence too early, because the perfect word to describe my opinion of Dust's art style is derivative. Every thing has come before and it just seems tepid to me.

All that said I would never suggest that I was taking anything away from the achievement that is Dust. I bought the game and am having fun with it. As has been said the voice acting is fine if not great. The combat system is really great and everything feels really fluid. The backgrounds and enemy designs are beautiful.

It's just the derivative big-eyed-ears-and-tail-anthropomorphized-furred protagonist and npc's that kind of give me a creeptastic vibe while I play this.

Just opinions guys, have a good day.

PS: Nobody mentioned my favorite thing about this:

I wouldn't be embarrassed for anyone to see the images on this screen, but the words. Seriously, read that sentence. I'm a grown man and seeing writing like that in a video game kind of makes me cringe. I'm sure in context with everything else in the game -- wall-chickens, dialog referencing the button mashy nature of similar games -- this is a funny moment in the game, but just reading the words off the page - or the screen as it were - makes me a little reticent to defend this game.

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First off, I've never been a fan of "furries" or the whole "big eye" art direction of some eastern animation studios. I loved Don Bluth animated features such as An American Tail or The Secret of Nimh as a child and can totally get behind an awesome 2d platform "Metroidvania" whatever as much as the next guy, so why does everything I see for this game give me the heebie-jeebies? I'm still going to give it a fair shake and hopefully the story can engage me before the art direction turns me off completely. Fingers crossed.

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You use Bing? I got a scoop you guys, somebody uses Bing!

All Jokes aside, that is pretty sweet. You're set for the next two or three summer's of arcade. What is the plural of summer of arcade? Summer of Arcade's? Summer's of Arcade's? Or is it like lego where the plural is lego.

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I think the biggest question that is not being asked here is, who would have 6700 mspoints sitting around in their account? Do the math, that's $83.75 that has just sitting around on his live account. Personally, I have 666 microsoft points and I don't think I'm ever poing to buy anything on the marketplace ever again. I like having the Devil's number in my MS bank account.

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Hey, have you guys tried Saints row the Third? I hear that game has sweet explosions and shit. Also, Power and Dubstep. That is all. Thread closed.

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THIS GUY IS A FUCKING TROLL STOP ENGAGING HIM GUYS... Sorry about that, I just need to release some pressure now and then and the truth comes spilling out like I have truth Tourette's. I'll be good now for another year or two.

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