Starcraft 2 ruined Firefly for me...

Anyone that plays starcraft 2 knows the terran guitar theme that seems to play all the time... 
Anyone that watches Firefly probably knows that a lot of the background music is a guitar that plays pretty often, usually more then a few times an episode... 
The problem is that Starcrafts guitar solo moment is SO MUCH BETTER then fireflies that i can't help but think about how much i want the starcraft music to be playing instead of fireflies.  Has this sort of thing ever happened with anyone else? 
All I want to do is enjoy an episode of firefly!!!!


Party limit size

Did anyone ever play a final fantasy game and ask why only four characters can be brought into battle? 
Well I have and I have thought about this for a long time now. In final fantasy, and most rpgs in general, this is not a huge problem in my eyes.  After all, the games generally focus around a small group of people changing the world in one way or another. 
Now that I have been playing my way through dragon age: origins, this question has again been entering my mind.  With how far I am in this game so far (have only been to one place so far) it appears that a major theme in this game is building an army to face the blight.  Thats no problem, but i have about eight party members and I am only allowed to use four of them.  In a game that is all about the big battles and building an army as fast as possible, it just seems extremely out of character that my dwarven noble says "No, you four stay in camp, we don't want this to be TOO easy."
Why can't a game let me use all of my party and scale the amount of enemies to that amount? It seems like a simple enough idea and yet i cannot think of a single game that does that.  
Can anyone tell me a reason why this shouldn't happen besides an arbitrary decision to make four the limit? 
Are there any games that have ever toyed around with this idea? If so, did it work?


I wanna be a super street fighter too!

This should be an interesting experiment.
I was lurking over at and bought a brand new fight stick for 50 bucks, I also ordered super street fighter at the same time.
The last time I seriously played a fighting game was on the nintendo 64.  I have been kind of on the outside looking in with this fighting game revival that has been going on recently.
Now the experiment: After I get decent at beating the computer and figure out the basics, I will head straight to online.  Now people always attempt to say how easy (or hard) it would be for a newcomer to get into the game, but most of these people are hardcore fighting fans that are just guessing.
I will create a follow up blog letting everyone know exactly how accessible this game is, from the view of someone who is trying to get into it. 
The follow-up blog most likely will be posted either 1) when i win something online or 2) when i get to the point were i dont think i will ever win.
Also, if you aren't great and want to fight someone that you can whoop, my gamertag is Futien.


Why i like MW2

seriously, if you looked at these forums alone you would think modern warfare 2 was the worst game ever and i realize that all the comments will say im an idiot for liking this Piece of shit game, but whatever
1) I find shooting stuff in games fun, and this game happens to do that very well.
2) The balance.  Seriously, I have used just about every gun in this game and if you think something is underpowered its because you never took the time to figure out how to use it 
3)Melee.  I see alot of people say how can a knife be stronger then a gun?!? Its a god damn game.  Its meant to be fun. You do know games are supposed to be fun, right?
4)Maybe i'm a minority here, but fuck dedicated servers.  Matchmaking is fast, efficient, and i dont need to worry about finding a game myself.
im sure i could think of alot more, but its late.... so yeah... start flaming me cause i like something popular and everyone knows its uncool to like popular things


im excited, how bout you?

 Cliff Bleszinsky's latest tweet says that 2 unannounced games will be announced monday on jimmy fallon.
Now one is obviously gears of war 3, which i am excited about in its own right, since i really enjoyed the first 2 (side note: screw you online achievements, keeping me from S-ranking both of these)
one could the second one be though? something we havent heard of before or a sequel to something ( shadow complex 2?) epic games has been pretty consistent with me liking there games lately, so whatever it is im excited.. how about you?
any predictions on the announced games? are you excited to find out? is this too early to start the hype train for gears of war 3, a game that probably is going to come out AFTER this holiday season?


I feel like breaking something

this is just to blow off some steam... i need to write this somewhere before i literally do break something of value... man i am pressing these keys hard right now
This week i have 2 tests, a presentation, and a paper to write.  One of the tests is no big deal, its about the books we have read (Candide and Frankenstein) I read them both over spring break so that one should be easy.  The presentation, this should be alright, i do get nervous in front of a class... but it should be managable, its basically just regurgitating the article i had to read about racism, the paper... whatever, its short and i can finish it fast.  
The last test though, this test is a HUGE deal.  We have a total of 3 exams, 2 regular and 1 final.  This is the second regular test.  I did horrible on the first one (47/70) i will get 20% in the class for homework, 17% for quizzes, 13% for the first test (all out of 20)  That means in the class right now i am sitting at 50% (out of a possible 60)  now that doesnt sound so bad right?
 heres the kicker.  I have a scholarship that requires me to keep a 2.75 gpa per semester.  This scholarship pays for $10k worth of school total (classes only), i have only used about 3k of it.  So basically i have 7000 dollars riding on these 2 tests.  
Oh ya i forgot to explain why im so angry right now didnt i? The guy who i made plans to study with every night for the week before the test has been really lazy.  Why should he care right? he did worse then me on the first test and he doesnt have any scholarships riding on these tests.  Sure he will lose money from retaking the class, but its not that big of a deal right? Right?
The second reason is mostly my roommate (partly my dorm)  My roommate decided he wants to listen to music.  I dont think he has ever heard of a thing called headphones.  I CANNOT CONCENTRATE with his god damn music.  I asked him to turn it down, he didnt.  I really just want to study and fighting with him about it would waste all my time, so i leave.  At this point its dark outside.  I cant just go sit on a bench to study.  I went to the "reading room" its a room in my dorm that is supposed to be quite, you know, so people can read in it... that worked for about 15 minutes.  It got invaded by the D&D group that meets there every sunday night, im welcome to stay if i can put up with all there shouting, this is no better then my room... I decide to head to the basement, we have a tv room, if someone is there its a pretty big room and i can sit at the other end, who knows, maybe they would even turn it down a bit for me.  Nope. its apparently weekly movie night, a program that was apparently just started this weekend because i never heard of it.  So i ended up sitting against the wall in the hallway for two hours attempting to study.  Thanks roommate, your a real nice douche.


Games of the month #1

This is my first blog... not sure if ill keep doing this but I figured i should at least try it
In this blog, I will discuss what games i played in the month(yes, another one of THOSE), and how i feel about them. 
When i finish a game in that month, i will rate it on a 5 point scale
Finished Games
Shadow Complex - 5/5
I bought this game in the sale at 800 points.  It is fully worth 1200 points, and in some weird way i feel bad for not paying full price for this game.  My first playthrough, i didn't worry about achievements and just had fun, ended with about 50% items.  I then 100%'d it, and after that got under 13%.  On my under 13% run i decided to do a speed run (without sequence breaking) and got 45 minutes, not bad for a first try eh? 
Unfinished Games
Fallout 3
This game is broken as hell and I still love it.  I find myself saying "Just one more mission" more often with this game then ever before...  I fully plan on S-ranking this game.  I am about three quarters done with the main mission (I think) and just working on the DLC right now.  I just finished operation anchorage because i heard about the nice power armor, I am interested to see what cool loot i will get for Zeta and the Pitt. Hopefully i will be done with this one at my next blog.
This game is fun.  I don't really care for the story at all, but it makes you feel like a total badass when you can punch tanks to death and throw cars at helicopters.  I just started this one, so I will have a better opinion on it next week.
Next month i hope to finish up Fallout 3 and prototype. 
 My current stack of unplayed games is: 
Batman: AA
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Halo Wars
Fable 2
Battlefield: Bad Company
and a bunch of steam games, who knows maybe i'll use my laptop for something other then writing papers next month...