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XBox 360 2

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They're rare, but Salsa Verde Doritos are the best Doritos.

At least there is one other person that likes Salsa Verde. Also, as a side note, Salsa Verde would make a great taco shell.

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@rorie: You just don't seem like a Matt or a Matthew to me. Now Rorie... you own the name Rorie!

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That interview estimated that botters make 72 billion gold a day worldwide. Assuming that has stayed somewhat constant and the game has been out for almost a full year, that makes 25,632 billion gold generated by just botters. What exactly did blizzard think would happen?

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Ryan flat out called it the worst podcast ever, and apologised.

There's your problem. If you don't understand how sarcasm works in the slightest, you are going to have a bad time.

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@willthemagicasian:Chilli flakes on... baby food?

I honestly can't tell if you are joking or have never experienced hummus in all its glory.

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@chocolaterhinovampire said:

@soundsword: First thing...China wants to keep North Korea in line and has been supporting UN sanctions....second thing...the US did not loose the Korean War...just no one won

36,574 Americans died in the Korean War, that's about half the casualities of the Vietnam War.

U.S involvment in the Korean War only lasted 3 years, while the Vietnam War lasted 10 years, but the korean conflict paused at the 38th parallel (basically where it began) so the war was technically a stalemate, but the kill ratio was off the charts.

If you really want to get technical, the Korean War never officially ended.

What is the point of comparing death totals from two different wars in two different eras? Wouldn't the fact that the South Korean side had 178,224 deaths and the north korean side had anywhere from twice to three times as many deaths actually be a useful statistic?

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im a cs major and ive never heard someone say gooey, i suspect its a regional thing, like pop vs soda or bubbler vs water fountain

I'm a cs major and i've never heard a teacher NOT say gooey. Weird.

I really don't understand how this can be so split and how so many people can be like "What? I've never heard it pronounced differently!"

Maybe it's a UK/US thing? Or maybe it actually just randomly depends from school to school. Anyway, "gooey" already is a word and it is frequently used to describe something sticky and of an often adhesive nature. So why would I want to say this word when talking about software design? That is so so silly.

My school has a pretty multicultural staff so I don't think it's something like UK vs US. I've heard a lot of guest lectures from a lot of people in different companies and every time they have always said gooey so I'm fairly certain it is the standard within the CS world.

Edit: even the stack overflow site agrees on gooey so i'd guarantee it is the standard. (Every cs major will learn to become best friends with that site and it usually has pretty trustworthy answers.)

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" @Axxol said:
" @Wolverine said:
" @Axxol said:
" What are your qualifications? "
I'm a Computer Science student with a little over a year of work experience. I'm not really built so anything that requires a lot of physical labor really isn't for me. "
There is a list of summer intern jobs on "
Thanks, I'm browsing them.
@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:
" Wait tables or deliver pizzas. You can make $15 - $20 an hour. "
Delivering pizzas isn't a bad idea. I wouldn't mind making money by driving around listening to podcasts all day. I just wish gas wasn't so expensive. "

If you deliver pizzas they comp give you money for gas

From what I have heard and read some don't give gas money and a lot don't even come close to giving you how much money gas actually cost you.

edit: just realized this is almost 2 years old.

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@kerse said:

im a cs major and ive never heard someone say gooey, i suspect its a regional thing, like pop vs soda or bubbler vs water fountain

I'm a cs major and i've never heard a teacher NOT say gooey. Weird.