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@kerse said:

im a cs major and ive never heard someone say gooey, i suspect its a regional thing, like pop vs soda or bubbler vs water fountain

I'm a cs major and i've never heard a teacher NOT say gooey. Weird.

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Why would I openly reveal my fears?

If you don't I will have to cover all bases and do everything on the list to you at the same time.

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@icemael said:

Spiders and other bugs. Thankfully I live in Sweden where European hornets are as bad as it gets, if I lived someplace where large flying bugs and spiders roamed the outdoors and cockroaches invaded homes I would probably do what Jeff said in the Deadly Creatures Quick Look and lock myself in a bug-proof cage forever.

Also what is up with this poll result I got:

2455663-gb poll result.png

Everyone can choose as many options as they want so the percentages are weird. Looks like someone decided to pick everything on the list for whatever reason in that screen shot.

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fine to drive but totally over the U.S. legal limit

This is a troll right? Even if it is a troll, there are people that think like this and it is really the only reason I ever get anxious while driving.

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As a fanboy of the old school RTS style, you leave starcraft 2 alone god damn it! It is all we have left!

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I just got back into this game. A fresh invite would be pretty neat, I'm Governor.2143

Right now I'm repping the CBSi clan which seems to be completely dead =(

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@jams: Yeah the game seems like a min/max-ers nightmare, but did you see that city Alex built in the quick look? If you could get past the min/max mentality it could be fun to build things like Alex was, which is probably why Alex's tweets have made it sound like he is having fun while Jeff's sound like he is hating life. The city size is definitely a deal breaker for me too though. I will late for the inevitable dlc that makes it bigger and re-evaluate then I guess.

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I'm amused at how video games reviews are considered an "opinion," and that we should treat them with about as much respect as we would some random guy telling us his opinions of the game while waiting in line for a movie.

Could you imagine car reviews being this kind of treatment? "Sure, the car can barely fit two people if you try, and there's an emergency brake on the passenger side for some reason, but the controlled experience I had driving the car with the manufacturer was fine, and not once did he pull his extra emergency brake. Grade: A --- Would highly recommend."

The difference between a reviewer and a random stranger is the reviewer is being paid for his honest opinion and should be good at articulating that opinion. Actually now that I think about it, there is very little similar about a random strangers opinion and a professional reviewers opinion.

I'm not even going to touch your car review "example" because it seems so poorly thought out.

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@jams said:

@mattyftm said:

Why are you suggesting Polygon is the crazy one? Maybe it's Ars. Maybe the game is great, the Polygon review is spot on, and Ars are crazy for not liking it. Or maybe different people have different opinions on something, and they're all perfectly sane.

In my eyes they're telling the same story if you ignore the final score. They're complaining about the same thing. The only difference is that you can tell Polygon shrugs off every bit and ignores all the problems. After watching the GB quick look, I think I have a really good idea of what kind of game Sim City is.

At one point in the quick look Jeff said he hates that he enjoys it so much. Maybe the Polygon reviewer never had that same self hate problem and just enjoyed it for what it was.

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I was having a lot of fun with this game then burnt myself out by systematically clearing zones... maybe now is the right time to join back in!