95 games i remember first!

this list is for the quest obviously, the first 95 games that pop up in my head... 
i hope you enjoy how random my mind is lol
afterthoughts on this list:
1. man thinking of 95 games on the spot is hard
2. i tried to stay away from expansions, some got in like the guild wars stuff, but those are all standalone expansions so they work i guess
3. i tried to stay away from huge series (final fantasy) but a few made it in
4. i tried to keep relatively new games (made within 10 years for most) but at the end i got lazy
5. i tried to steer away from games that aren't out yet, but i couldn't leave out diablo 3 since its from my favorite game franchise
6. i was suprised that alot of games on here a have a deep hatred of, i guess i think alot about things i hate

List items

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