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@Overwatch:  This is the first time I've ever been interested in a Tomb Raider game (after finding the first one incredibly overrated) but considering it hasn't come out yet and we have not even seen the game in motion, I think you're crowning it incredibly prematurely.  
But who knows? Maybe the 4th reboot is the charm. 
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@RE_Player92 said: 
But with games like MAG out you think they should feel the pressure to go all out on consoles.  "
MAG was not a runaway success so I don't think they're feeling any pressure from it. 
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@bitcloud said:
teh lulz
And with that, I don't need to reply anymore.
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@bitcloud: Pirate servers have no quality control and are full of people aimbotting which still happens on official servers and approved servers but it is regularly combatted and the players are subject to bannings. The vast majority of Battlefield PC players prefer a quality multiplayer experience which is why BC2 and it's predecessors have done exceedingly well on pc. 
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@MangyForestCat: It isn't that Fable III is a horrible game or the worst game this year, it's the most disappointing game, there's a difference because of the expectations going into it based on how great Fable II and how it was being talked up and the huge blunders made at the end game. 
Also, I love AC2 and Brotherhood is great. AC1 was awful to me. 
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Tested had a good segment on that on this week's podcast. While downloading something if you own it isn't completely immoral, torrenting means you're also serving the file to other people who, more likely than not, don't own it. 

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Dead Space has some of the best ingame audio around so If you're an audiophile with an awesome sound setup, go for the ps3 one for the uncompressed 7.1 sound.  
I don't have a Move yet and Extraction (and Echochrome 2) are points in favor of getting one but it won't be for quite a while so since my save games are on the 360, I'm sticking with that and I'll buy Extraction from PSN if I get a Move.

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Kratos's character was fairly sympathetic in the first game but over GOW2 and 3, they just made him completely unbearable and really everything is his fault. I think if they're going to make a new one, they need to do a reboot of some sort. Maybe pick back up during the Roman empire with a different protagonist. 

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@Noodles said: 
If you weren't even past chapter 4, why would you play DS1 before 2? "
Well, It's not like I didn't like Dead Space, work and other things get in the way and once I put a game down it takes me a while to get back to it and I may pick up another game in that time (the same things happens to me with any media like books, tv shows, etc). Seeing all the Dead Space 2 stuff makes me want to finish up the first game before I play it, seeing as I already own it and all.