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I am a little disappointed that it won't be the French Revolution setting that was rumored. The US cities during the colonial era aren't quite as distinctive. A better time period for a US setting would be during the industrial revolution and after.

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between 5'10" and 5'11". I wish I was 6'1"

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I liked the mood and setting for the Persona games thus far. I'm okay with it being lighter in tone. I think think the other Shin Megami Tensei games are better served to take things darker. I really enjoyed those Digital Devil Saga games.

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I was a big fan of SimTower and was initially dismissive of Tiny Tower because it looked like a rip off but upon playing I saw that while there was certainly inspiration from Sim Tower, Tiny Tower is a much different game. Zynga's game on the other hand, is shameless.

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At my company there's pretty much a two step process. There's an online Vacation/Personal Days/Sick Time calendar that keeps track of time off where I just check off the day, that is the "official" record for the company purposes.

The other thing I do is just drop my boss an email saying I won't be coming in as a courtesy. I work in web development so I can technically work from anywhere so I can also work from home if I'm feeling a a bit under the weather without loosing any sick days.

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Since the Breaking Bad episode, I've found myself playing a lot of Geometry Wars Retro Evolved when I'm on the couch. The original, not even 2.

When I'm at the PC, I'm finding myself playing a lot of Binding of Isaac and Counter Strike Source lately. With CS, I'm tending to go into the meat grinder rooms of chaos and leveling.

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Thin: Basil, Tomato, Garlic and Natural Mozzarella

Stuffed/Deep Dish pizza: Spinach and Sausage

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I believe Bethesda said Skyrim's expansions will be meatier and more substantial than the DLC released for Fallout. Maybe not quite Shivering Isles scale but somewhere in between.

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I have:

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-33% Sword of the Star II

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