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My favorite to least. And to be clear, even lesser Pixar is better than a vast majority of movies. Cars 2 is the only feature I really didn't care for.

1. The Incredibles

2. Toy Story 3

3. Wall E

4. Toy Story 2

5. Ratatouille

6. Toy Story

7. Up

8. Finding Nemo

9. Brave

10. Monsters Inc

11. A Bug's Life

12. Monsters University

13. Cars

14. Cars 2

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@rorie I say buy the GTAV bundle, keep the pack in game sealed and sell on eBay. You can probably get 40-50 bucks for it.

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They should film the move for three years, then release a thirty minute preview, then film for another couple of years before releasing the full version of the film.

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I have a feeling, the charity portion of payments also goes to THQ.

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HTML5 chrome, low, full screen windowed (as opposed to stantard full screen) so I have it on the side of my monitor while I'm working.

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Black card idea #1: "What is your favorite part of the show?"

Black card idea #2: "Good luck, have _______"

White card idea: Durgers.

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A bit garish, sure but anyone saying these ads are irrelevant are missing the point, it's great that it is non-game related. That helps the integrity of not being beholden to game companies for money.

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Oscar gold.

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No cover is worse than this:

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I'm sad to say, this reminds me of when Midway Newcastle put out assets for Necessary Force in a last ditch effort to garner some interest before they closed.

Seems like 38 is fishing for a publisher which if they're putting this out publicly now at the 11th hour, they must have been doing for a long time behind the scenes.