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Trying to look at the glass as half full, maybe this leak is out of date and is not representative of the final game and BioWare is trying to stop a false impression getting out there.

Or worse case scenario, this leak is completely evident of reality, Bioware notices the fan meltdown and acts accordingly to correct a bad course.

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I'd really like to believe Bioware that this is out of date and don't necessarily reflect the final product. It's one thing if the ending is bad, most ending are disappointing anyway. But if it is true that none of the decisions made over the previous games actually mattered, it's going to be an incredibly unfortunate day.

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I was all set not to care about this game but seeing all the glowing early buzz has me interested. My wii is not only not hooked up, I'm not sure if it's even in my house. I think I'll just wait and see if they release an enhanced HD version for WiiU.

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I played a bit on PC and I thought it was alright considering I only spent 3-4 dollars on it

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As much it would be great to see Brad eat a hat (preferably a 10 gallon hat), technically this game is being co-produced by Sledgehammer with outside help from Raven, Treyarch and many other places.

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As someone who hasn't particularly liked a DMC game since the first one, and who liked Enslaved quite a bit, I'm cautiously optimistic about the new game for nothing else in that there probably won't be gems like this:

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David Cage explained what happened in those blackouts and why Ethan woke up with origami in his hand. It wasn't a very good explanation but it was supposed to be explored in Ethan's DLC which never materialized.

Basically the gist is that Scott Shelby was there the day the Ethan's son died in a car accident and from that day onward had a psychic link with him as a result of their trauma. So in Ethan's blackouts he was experiencing Shelby's actions. Like I said, wasn't a good explanation.
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Pen Pals with Patrick sounds great but it should be snail mail only.

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I think when I first came across them in Shenmue, I really enjoyed them as a means to keep you on your toes in a very story driven game. I think they've since become overused as a means to show off flashy action that isn't part of the core gameplay.