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Sanity: Aiken's Artifact

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Use it to make, like 8 exclusive Skullgirls characters. Then maybe get the game at some point in the future.

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I played 2033 Russian, but had to switch to english because the delivery was simply horrible.

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Soviet Union '89

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@Bell_End said:

jesus was batman

I have empirical evidence from a trustworthy source that batman is batman.

"I'm Batman" - Batman

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As a matter of fact, yes. Yes I have!

I had Lucca's Theme on for a couple of months.

And before that, Portal 2's The Friendly Faith Plate. Loved it because it kicks of REAL HARD and made people jump in their seats.

Also, I always thought that the Stage 1 music from Streets of Rage 2 would make a fantastic ringtone, but I never bothered to actually put it on. Now that my phone got stolen, I really regret not doing so ;( Don't repeat my mistakes!

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I want to like Patrick, I really do, but between the blatant self-obsession and complete disregard of other opinions he's making it nearly impossible to do so.

I mean, has anyone else noticed how often he presents his views as fact (no, as a matter of fact most people don't think that Episodes were even close to GTA IV) and calls other people "assholes" (so what if they talk of their love of JRPG's? You seem to think that you are entitled to express your opinion. More power to them). Not ground shaking examples, but it's the little things that add up.

Honestly, if there's one person I regularly follow, who symbolises the South Park smug, own-fart-sniffing San Franciscan, it has got to be Scoops.

And as for the torso? Gross, tacky and stupid, regardless of gender.

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@stoodspoon said:

My choice, Benedict Cumberbatch

1.He is handsome

2.Awesome voice

3.He is Sherlock Holmes

I'm having a hard time seeing how Mr. Cumberbatch can be described as handsome. He was outstanding in Sherlock though, I'll give you that.