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P.s. I tried to find Sphere for the book club, but no dice. And by no dice, I mean its not on Amazon UK, so it might as well not exist as far as I'm concerned.

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Duders, is Air Force Gator actually a good read? I'm thinking of getting it, because I love the author unconditionaly (read: hate with a grudge), but I'm affraid that it is as horseshit as it sounds. I don't have as much time to read as I'd like, so I don't want to get stuck with a book that's not fancy. Right now It's between that and Masters Of Doom, but feel free to suggest whatever.

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Black Ops II. I got it well after launch, because some folks were playing mp. A year past that I had nothing to play due to summer drought, and decided to give the campaign a go, because my brother said it was really good. But that guy only plays DOTA, so what does he know? Turns out, he was right, I enjoyed it quite a lot. So much so, that I'm looking forward to AW. If the reviews are decent, I'll be getting it.

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I like mayo on my fries. That is pretty terrible.

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You gotta Bo live

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Everybody is horrible

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@matatat: Guilty of using auto rifles. But I just got the Red Death pulse rifle from Xur, and I love it. Won the 3 rumble matches that I used it in so far.

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I think that shotguns are alright. I get the COD comparison, but that's how it was in Halo. Deadly up close, but you're better off throwing sticks once you put a bit of range between you and the opponent. And by a "bit" I mean the literal slightest bit. A lot of fun and tenseness for me comes from properly juggling your primary and shotgun.

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Sprinting/accelerating? Weird choice, since I suspect that most R2/RT presses are used to propell bullets. Index, anyway.

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Kinda bummed that Spelunky is on there. I already have it on PS3, and was hoping to get it as a mid-month cross-buy bonus, much like Hotline Miami.