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This survey made me a bit sad.

The list of favourite genres listed real time strategy but no mention of turn based ones. I love that Alex always takes on the Civs, but this is an area upon I wish GB would expand. But the omission of strategy games from survey entirely suggest otherwise.

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I've only played two games, but my impression is the maps are massive. Hopefully your team members use the spot mechanic, otherwise its a very big area to search for a very mobile monster.

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Yay, I am on the winning team for once in my life, so this is how it feels!

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Albertslund, Denmark

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Good luck to you Alexis, I wish you all the best for the future!

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Wolfenstein, but still many games on the to-do list.

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Hardware wise: My first SSD.

Biggest single component upgrade Ive ever done. Now I have two SSD's but I want more!

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My very first game purchase. The game of choice back then was Civilization II. When I read a preview for Alpha Centauri in an magazine I was stoked! The screenshots looked amazing (they were stills from the wonder videos).

I saved up and on the day of release I bought the game at my local store. The box was heavy. A really beefy manual, tech tree poster etc.

Sadly the graphics couldn't live up to the preview but the gameplay was above and beyond. Its my favourite game of all time and I still boot it up at least once a year.

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Great pictures, looks like you had a great time.

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The quests were an excellent way to showcase the wiki. I miss them as well.