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I don't really use tactical view, but thatis due to how broken it is to control.

I really wish it was better. I played Origins on nightmare and loved it.

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Awesome! Really well done. Vinnie and Brad's are my favortites.

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I don't have any big insights to the genre. I only tried twice to get into Dota but failed.

Heroes is just much easier to pick up, with the stripped mechanics such as no last hitting, shared xp and lack of items. I can feel I am getting better but I still have so much to learn. Sadly with more people getting access to the game I also sense a rise in toxicity. I hope Blizzards gets on top of that as soon as possible as I feel that is really a big turn-off for many people.

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Wrestling is silly and I too wish the GB crew would keep it solely to the premium podcast.

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This is a quality post, gj Duder.

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Anyone know who to follow to keep up on a PC patch release? I am really eager to play this game but I get really concerned when I read reports from KB+M people.

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This survey made me a bit sad.

The list of favourite genres listed real time strategy but no mention of turn based ones. I love that Alex always takes on the Civs, but this is an area upon I wish GB would expand. But the omission of strategy games from survey entirely suggest otherwise.

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I've only played two games, but my impression is the maps are massive. Hopefully your team members use the spot mechanic, otherwise its a very big area to search for a very mobile monster.

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Yay, I am on the winning team for once in my life, so this is how it feels!

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Albertslund, Denmark