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Lovin' the kneejerk 'go back to cod' nonsense. 
The game is a middling co-op platformer. Morrowind did 'you're alone in an alien world' nine years ago. 

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Pretentious bollocks

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@Tally_Pants said:
People actually cared that there was no gay love in ME? I was mostly offended when I got hit on by another dude in DA2...stay in the closet, Bioware!
What possible reason could you have for that offending you?
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So tired of sex in games being newsworthy. It was interesting, now it's just dull. Seriously. Who gives a flying hows-your-father about this?
Romance, not sex
Unfortunately all the games still see sex as the goalpost at the end of the 'romance'. The relationships in this game are about as deep and romantic as a penthouse letter.