New Skyrim "Let's Play"

As I did with my Dark Souls series, I just wanted to drop a quick note here on the blog about my Skyrim LP. I'm having a blast with this game so far and can't wait to discover more of the insanity in store for my character, The Enfeebled Man. These videos are recorded mostly so my friends and I can get together and poke fun at all the unfortunate goings on, but my subscribers also seem to enjoy it so all the better!

Here's the first video, but there are several more on my channel and many more to come:


I'm Doing a Dark Souls "Let's Play" Series

I just figured I'd leave a note here on my blog section about the Dark Souls LP I've been working on. I'm about 14 videos in at this point and it seems to be well received thus far. I decided to embark on this project after playing my first character through a few levels and quickly realizing how much I love this game. I felt the need to commit my playthrough to video so that my friends and I could go back over the footage and have a few laughs at my many and varied misfortunes. Since it's already being recorded, I might as well start up an LP channel on Youtube.

Here's the link if you're interested:

Anyway, stop by and check it out if you have some spare time and you're interested in comparing notes with another player. I like to talk with people via the comments section, and we're always looking to expand the conversation as much as possible!