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things i've found that are decent and free are :

against the wall (only in alpha)

League of legends (althought the community can be dicks)

track mania forever

trilby: the art of theft

a flipping good time

a lot of these are pretty short games but they're pretty fun.

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i like achievements that allow you to explore every aspect of a game like being able to play the same level of something and use a completely different playstyle but make it work. I think games that allow a bit of flexibility like that really let players have more choice and so having achievements to help broaden your playing style is a pretty awesome way of doing it.

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at about 10:50 , is that a drawing of trogdor behind Brad?

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is crisis core missing from this list or did i miss it?

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Yeah, stuff like this gets really horrifyingly bad. We had a films night at our sci-fi/ fantasy society and about 5 people shouted the meme at the same time in an attempt to be funny. Was so depressing.

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with regards to thread, hiding event only ones would kinda nice. we can't get them anymore anyways

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as with everyone on here,  i found this article really interesting. it's like that kid who managed to play abe's exoddus and complete even though he was blind thanks to the noises in teh game. love those kind of articles. thanks for that patrick.
i also agree with a lot of people on the fact that after reading this article,  i might have asperger's. it's really weird since i've thought i might before this article and the traffic example really rung true.

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I can admit i'm kind of a kojima fanboy but i have to say i'm not sure you can say hideo kojima does certain things better or how this thread makes sense. Both of them have good elements but are in completely different genres. Whilst you could argue that some of the elements of metal gear solid blend with the supernatural horror of Stephen King such as the beauties, these elements are quickly removed with a single boss fight. Beyond that, i'm not sure how they can be compared (unless we go down the path of all the dialogue in the universe which is fairly common in this horror genre).

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cool review. i've been playing persona 4 for a fair while but kinda lost interest. It sounds like a good idea to go back to it though it;s doing a round with all my friends. Must have let 5 or 6 people borrow it by now. :P

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i'm new to signing up but i've been on here for a fair while.

my interests are:
metal gear solid (though we'll see how thew future for it goes)
Kingdom hearts
making bad puns
the number 17 for some reason

been watching the persona 4 endurance runs during exam revision revision. seems to work surprisingly well!

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