I play retro game roms am I a bad person?

​I hate pirates. It is as simple as that. Pirates steal from hardworking people every day and it sickens me. Developers work hard for hundreds if not thousands of hours to give us, the users, the best experiences they can. Be it a big developer like Bethesda or a small independent company like Team Meat, their sole purpose is to entertain us. And that is how they survive. I respect that and that is why I firmly stand against piracy. I just feel it’s bad for the industry at large. ​

Here is where my conundrum is found. As a lover of all things video games, I love looking back and seeing where games have come from over the last 20 to 30 years. From the Atari 2600 to the Xbox 360 we have witnessed a leap in quality and standards that is extremely remarkable when you think about it. Imagine 30 years ago when a single block was the greatest chance Earth had against the menacing alien invasion. Now we all create our Dragonborn and lay waste in Skryim’s massive open world. I want to witness that evolution and there is no greater way to do that than to play the games.

​So here I am, a recent college grad drowning in debt and all I want to do is play old SNES/Genesis Games and experience the evolution of the hobby I love so much. In order to do that I have to go Ebay or Craigslist and over pay for a system and maybe get one or two games or find a second hand shop who also charges based on rarity so a copy of Chrono Trigger is 70 dollars. SNES games should not cost $70 its nearly 20 years old. I understand the economics of it all, supply is low and demand is high thus high prices. But why should I pay Joe from Joes Game Store to play Joe and Mac when I can download it online for free and have the same experience. In either case the developer makes $0 off the sale. Am I still a filthy, money stealing pirate? I want to say no but it’s such a gray area of weird that it still makes me wonder if I’m just a big hypocrite. It’d be different if I could go and buy a copy at a reasonable price at the star not some shady looking strip mall “game” store or flea market but I can’t.

I realize that some games get remakes and I’m going to buy them their as that’s the right way to do it. I’m not concerned about playing on an original system. Chrono Trigger on the DS is a great port and I know the money went to a developer who worked on it not the Gamestop employee who took the sale. And when I can buy a version of the a game for the Virtual Console I am all for it. But when I get to some more obscure NES, GB, Master System games, it’s easier to go download the entire game library and just play on my PC with a controller. So am I a hypocrite or are my justifications valid? Please internets tell me if I am a terrible person.


Gonna stream some older games off steam

Hey all,

Just got a new PC and decided to see how it handled streaming some games, gonna start with Mass Effect 1 and maybe switch to some new vegas, or others depending on what the audience suggests but check out the stream if ya want or don't i wont mind but figured some giant bombers would be interested in watching..

the link is twitch.tv/nickydubz


What am I thankful for? New SNES games!

Hey guys, Just got back to school from my break and wanted to write a little bit about some new games i picked up during my visit back home in good old South Bend, 
 Indiana.  Below is a a Recent Pick-Up video from my YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/nickydubz0125 feel free to subscribe or leave me a comment there I always appreciate it.   


SNES Games I got During Thanksgiving Break

Picked some of these up at BuyCo in Mishawaka, they had some decent prices so I can not complain. The rest of the games I got from a couple friends who didnt want them so score there am I right!!!0

1. Super Mario All-Stars

What can I say about this game that you don't already know? It is a must have for any SNES collector it has all the Original NES Games with updated graphics including the newer released "Lost Levels" or the original sequel in Japan.

2. Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose!

I only have played this game for a couple stages, seems like your run of the mill platformer, which I cant argue with its a genre I enjoy blissfully wasting a few hours with while having a delicious beer.

3. The Lost Vikings

I got this game for 7 dollars. I played the first 3 levels and I already know it was money well spent. The puzzle aspects of the game immediately caught my attention and I knew that I will be finishing this one in the near future.

4. Street Fighter II

Its street fighter, I am average at best. Not much more i can really say that you don't know.

5. Fatal Fury

Another fighting game, haven't had much time with this title but the SNK fighting scene has never ever been my wheelhouse. Got this from my friend

6. Fatal Fury 2

See above....got this from my friend as well.

7. SimCity

Got this for 2 dollars, I usually get sucked in to these Sim games so i figured 2 dollars for countless hours of entertainment is a fair price, PLUS bowser can destroy your city....HOLLER.

8. NBA Jam Tournament Edition

This is one of the few sports games I enjoy on the SNES. I can recall countless nights of playing as Benny the Bull and Bill Clinton with Infinite Turbo and Dunks from anywhere cheats, no possible way to lose, and i still had hours of fun.

9. Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball

I haven't played this yet. According to my friends its a great Baseball game on the SNES. I do not know tho feel free to let me know.

10. Donkey Kong Country

Great platformer and great memories. I use to have a Promotional VHS for this game. It was....interesting...but it was enough to secure my interest in the franchise. I just love everything about this game from the Music to the graphics, to the wacky levels. I beat this a fair amount of times in my youth and plan to do so again as an adult. Check out the Prop video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stc0RuRv2RA

This was a good haul in my collection and its starting to bud granted 15 games is not a lot but its nice to see it comming along as always any suggestions you have i would love to hear! Also don't for get to check out my YouTube Channel if you have an account! Peace!

Drunkin VLOG hah

Hey guys... i have been drinking tonight and while playing Final Fanatsy 2 i had some thoughts that i had to share....  


A "SNES-talgia" attack

So recently i was playing some blops when I thought about it for a second and realized that i was sick of current gen games, I had a hanker in for some old school stuff, so i headed over to Ebay and sure enough made some purchases. The bulk of which can be seen here:  

Needless to say, its been a refreshing break from newer gen titles. I am about 3/4th's through Super Mario World, very addictive, could play that for hours and a couple hours in to Final Fantasy 2.  Needless to say, I'm looking forward to going back through these classics as an adult and see if i can see things a little differently as opposed to when i was in the 9-13 age range. How often do you guys go back and replay older games? Any recommendations for the Snes? 

Heavy Rain Thoughts (SPOILERS UNTAGGED)

I literally just finished this game and I must say WOW simply WOW....great story and great experience on the whole. I was literally pissed for the back half when Jayden died at the end, I was like awesome, now everything is going bad and im gonna get a shitty ending where everyone dies....but my ending turned out decent with jayden being the only death. I feel the experience was PERFECT and the atmosphere amazing...I'm gonna wait on a 2nd playthrough though I want to come at this game again FRESH so I can maybe get a new expierence out of it. Kudos to Quantic Dream this was a great game and a great buy.


So many games so little time

Well with my wrestling season finally coming to an end it opens up the oppurtunity to play many more games, with that said its time to start getting to some of my backlog being  Bioshock, Dragon AGe, Mass Effect, Gears 1 and 2, Kill zone 2, Batman AA , Uncharted one , INfamous, and many many more needless to say its going to be a busy couple of months.


Yum Yum Red Thunder

Well I just bought a case of Red Thunder and i must say it is a delicious, cheap alternative to Red Bull. It is making me giddy with joy as I prepare to embark on a gaming marathon in an attempt to get some points in Ghostbusters, Bionic Commando, and an oldie but goodie Mass Effect... all I can say is Yay...this is short, I know but its my first and in all honesty could be my last due to my laziness and lack of commitment.