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@nickydubz: Oh sorry I have everything but PC pref

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I need to relieve some stress...I have recently started having anxiety and some mild depression which I am seeing a dr about but am trying to also give my self time to relax and get lost in a video game...problem is I want a game that is kind of mindless so I can have netflix running on my tv and kind of go through the game. Any suggestions of such games?

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Do it in Indy!

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Just got home from the Indy Popcon and had a few people mention my Giant Bomb logo shirt anyone around the midwest make the trip as well? It was my first con and it was a total blast! Definitely made me excited for cons like Pax and Gen Con! Maybe I'll make a trip this year!

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This means Vinny is closer to Indianapolis and I am a Ok with that! Vinny is like an anti sadness beacon the closer he is the harder it is to be sad.

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Speedway, Indiana, USA

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@sparklykiss: is there a big Indianapolis giant bomb underground I dont know about?!

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That break dancing PS2 game that Dave Ryan and coonce was magical

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@mixedupzombies: damn right Indiana is alright...I'd make the drive from Indianapolis in a heartbeat of it wasn't for work...maybe Scoops will make this a traveling thing. Great idea Patrick any way for the community to get together is a good thing:)

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I am also a former college wrestler gotta say your gross assumption of people who compete in athletics is just not cool man