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It was a hell of a run....

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I dont enjoy my job (Systems Analyst at a very inner city school corporation) but it allows me to coach high school wrestling which is my greatest passion so i take the bad with the good

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I will drink beer but I dont go outta my way to. Im a more of a whiskey guy

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I live in Indy and am trying to find a board gaming/Tabletop RPG group. Figured there might be some fellow duders who have similar interests looking to do the same. I have checked places like but haven't had much luck.

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Oh not at all...but its nice they go that first win. Id be happy to see an NA team do well so realistically C9 looks to be the best chance at that.

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Worlds start today at 3:00 est. Anyone gonna watch? Who ya rooting for? Im hopin TSM plays well, but I'm real interested in how Cloud 9 does against these eu and asian teams.

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As a wrestler in college and high school i used to fast to maintain worked but the older I got I found I felt better when I just maintained a solid diet and workout routine.

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I can handle that if its not just me it just seems i see people playing it and dont understand how they are getting in

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For real I have gotten in to the game once and joined the adventure guild it was late I logged off and now I just get constant 1017 errors...cant even get in and it is supposed to be out. What is going on SE!?! Anyone have any advice?