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" this game is one of the buggiest online experiences since MK vs DC. "

well a heck of a lot of people play MW2, and many are serious enough about their stats and rank that they will be jerks and find and use glitches "
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the coding is inferior or anything, I'm just saying it has a LOT of exploits. "
their coding is inferior from the prior game. they tried to implant borrowed code from halo 3 matchmaking system and they failed horribly. "
u make the same game minus the glitches and ill allow u to call it inferior
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Is it just me or does it seem like any hyped game is "TERRIBLE" now because it doesn't live up to peoples rediculous standards? 


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Well with my wrestling season finally coming to an end it opens up the oppurtunity to play many more games, with that said its time to start getting to some of my backlog being  Bioshock, Dragon AGe, Mass Effect, Gears 1 and 2, Kill zone 2, Batman AA , Uncharted one , INfamous, and many many more needless to say its going to be a busy couple of months.

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i would eat an octo-staker from burgerking.....naked

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@Agent47CSim2:  If you dont like COD why post in the forums?
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Im a Newb too on PSN, My name is NickyDubz125 and will be playing in like 2-3 days when my new stick comes in. any guys on PS3 that would be willing to play and then offer play tips would be great

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orange box is on ps3 yo

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" I liked it for what it was, it was really entertaining. As for Paranormal Activity, its a fantastic movie, I have seen it a few times and still have a hard time watching it by myself with the doors closed and the lights off. The movie only had like a $20,000 budget, which is really cool. "
On top of that it was Oran Peli's first movie, ever, which is incredibly impressive. People expect WAY too much out of film these days, especially 'indie' ones. "
Indie games and movies are sometimes a lot better than mainstream, take Braid as another example. "
Sometimes doesnt mean usually
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I respect the movies not for there core entertainment but what those directors and writers were able to create with the money and resources at hand, were they AWESOME but its nice to see a well made low budget film in the spotlight

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