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Steam it's like 20 bucks. Goes on sale regularly. Maybe someone has a spare copy but your best bet is probably to just buy it.

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This game seems insane and I have to check it out. Feel free to come along with me as I drink some bourbon as well. Don't know how far or long I will play but I gotta see if this is as crazy as Charles Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden....

Link to stream

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Ill forward this on too Phreak. Expect an interview within the week.


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looking back at this guys history he is kind of a dick

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Evil step mothers damn you Walt Disney

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Walked in to GameStop to pick up my copy and was told it was pushed back indefinitely minutes can't find any news about it? Did the dude blatantly lie to my face?

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Thank you for everything you did Ryan, you have been a wonderful friend even though we never formally met. Cheer duder.

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So I have been going to the chat now when i get on and dont see many people as well as use the Giant Bomb mumble server. Feel free to check there. ( I have my client autojoin the Giant Bomb Chat Channel on Startup using the options menu when in the room) And lets get a community of giant bombers together.

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If you are bummed out that the daily dota is an hour late jump over to my twitch page me and a few Giant Bombers are playing league of legends! Then switch to dota when that comes on

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I know Dota is here big now and I understand why but I'm a league of legends guy and was wondering if the giant bomb community still plays at all? Would love to play with some GB guys and just have some fun and play some games. My name is Nicky Dubz on there add me or put your info below good or bad lets hang out on the rift...