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All gamespot is horrible/evil
*rips off shirt and punts baby out window*

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umm hey guys lets change our whole show because one person doesn't like it </asshole rant>

for real though listen with headphones or a small pillow speaker or something they shouldn't have to change just for you

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@Mooqi maybe you should not buy it then?
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@asharahmed10 I'm done trying to be nice go get a job then and make the money your self your idea is bad it's that simple b-a-d bad. 0 new ideas nothing new being done for the genre. You dont even have a story. why should I care about this shooter that makes darkest of days look like cod4? So go make the money yourself if you want to push on with this atrocity of a video game.
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@asharahmed10 call me old fashion but I don't see how that crude unity engine clip is worth any money. None of your gameplay ideas are shown off you just said look I made a really crummy world and still some generic assets in it . How is that any indication you can even pull off these grand features of moral choice and player customization and of its that dear to you 500 is like one paycheck from a basic job I made 350 working a s apart time dishwasher in Ohio maybe that's your best bet
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@asharahmed10 this just sounds like such a scam. You have this super crazy idea but no prototype of it an you want people to just give you money for a product that isn't even guaranteed to exist. Take my advice make some small free games get your name out there ten come back to this because your ideas are so late there is no way you can accomplish what you want if this is your first project
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It's cool your doing this always nice to see people at least explore development makes you appreciate the games and software you have ten fold

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That's real creative...moral choices in a fps maybe you should just make a game and get your chops up to snuff realease this for free and then come up with a more unique idea. Maybe go find a team that's working on a game and see if you can help. Honestly I want nothing to do with the game you feel is worth my money.

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Have you made any games in the past? what is your skill set?