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@sammo21 Actually, when i rent a game at video store, i like to end it before returning it. Habitually if i can't finish it in a week, i buy it if i liked it. Oh and by the way. I got other hobbies, i don't think it was the point here. 
Yeah sorry for that misunderstanding about the name "Adventure". I still think they are great games.  I think Final Fantasy found a good way to make games longer by some sidequests. RPGs are longer than Action Adventure habitually. These games, like Zelda are mostly linear.

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Well, Except for Windwaker and majora's mask. I finished them all in under a week.

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I'm wondering Something, I'm not a fan of buying Adventure Games (Zeldas, Tomb Raiders, etc) because i don't feel like it worth the price. Habitually i rent them at video store and i can finish them before returning it. 
Could they make these games longer? I really appreciate these games, the stories are awesome most of the time, the gameplay is amazing, but the game is too short. 
Games without any multiplayer or online access to play with friends still can be sold and be profitable in 2010?

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@ Origina1Penguin   Do you feel like cheating when you use a guide?  I do.

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@ Ragdrazi  C'mon is it really necessary to talk about penis in this kind of topic... 
I was asking a serious question, even if i employed the word "stupid"... 
edit:  I have to agree with ShiftyMagician. I really feel like they do that only for people to keep playing their games... It is working with me actually. Maybe i'm just too dumb to not care about this and just finish the game as it goes.

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@Crusader: I do that too. Sometimes i save just before a fork (when it's possible and if the way i choose is the "real" one, I reset and load if it's far or if i trigger a cutscene and it's impossible to back. 
Even by doing this i never finished a game at 100% without a guide.

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@trophyhunter said:
" you just gotta look with your eyes open "
Oh my god! Good advice, i was playing blind-folded... :P
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I know that, i understand that these Faqs/Walkthrough Is not made by only 1 person. But still... Should I be able to find some by myself?  I think yes.

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Last couple days, i've played Resident Evil 5 and i was wondering something: Am I the only one to never find secret stuff in games or conceptors just put it really hard? 
I'm talking here about these BSAA Emblems that you need to hit through the game. I've done stages many times and couldn't ANY of them... 
And it's not the only game i got these problems.  
I remember one of the Spider-Man that you needed to find symbols through the map... I could find some, but most of them were just to well hidden...
Sometimes i really feel like conceptors put it that hard for us to play their games more and more trying to find them.. 
For that, I really wanna thank every FAQs/Walkthrough Sites i use for completing the games at 100%

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Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World 
Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja storm 2 
Dragon Quest V : Hand of the heavenly bride 
That's pretty much the 3 longest i own.