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It's really fun indeed! If some other GiantBomb duders feel like having a go at some zombies with me, feel free to add NicolasVH on Xbox Live!

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Everybody who said no doesn't belong here!

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Well, I've been annoyed by the alignment as well, so I tweaked the CSS myself to this. It's not much work. It's two classes you need to change. There's a class .skin-no .row .span8:first-child that just needs one attribute: width: 100%. Second class to change is .skin-no .span4, just add 'display: none' attribute. DONE!

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The site is almost completely broken for me. I can't watch videos on the site anymore.

In progressive mode (all quality settings) while video is buffering it runs at a bout 1-3 FPS. The video lags about 5 seconds behind the audio. After it has fully buffered/downloaded it runs marginally better, but still choppy/stuttery and if I try to use my computer for anything else (browse in other tabs/window or run other programs) without it getting choppy and the audio stuttering like mad.

In streaming mode it has all the same problems just to a lesser extent but even tho I have a fairly good internet connection (20+ mb) it's constantly pausing to buffer and constantly stuck on what looks like the lowest quality setting.

Now to be fair, I'm on a crappy, old, Dell laptop from over half a decade ago with Intel Express video. On it's best day this thing is a miserable hunk of junk. But I have NO problems watching video on any other site. Only the new GB.

Yeah, so this. I have the same problems on a fairly good laptop. HTML5 playback option doesn't help either (in fullscreen).

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Non YouTube playback options are terrible fullscreen. :(

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It's a Symfony2 website (PHP framework). Symfony2 is the new Zend.

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Say about Patrick what you will, he's the best at convincing me to go buy a certain game during a QL.

Also, Quick Look EX's almost never have any value for me. The Giantbomb dudes are way too kind (I get that) and most of the time the game-makers 'act' a scene and be surprised or something, while I now for a fact that they've encoutered that specific moment a thousand times before. And thus, it feels fake a lot.

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Not sure about bringing back video reviews. They were too scripted and go completely against what everybody is saying about being more relax, enthusiastic, excited, etc..

The special thing about that week with Vinny, Drew and Brad: they didn't care. They were about to show Sleeping Dogs DLC, but instead the first 45 minutes were just Vinny messing around in 'regular' Sleeping Dogs. Normally somebody would have said "we should probably show this and do this". But then it was just going with the flow, enjoying the game and the company.

I also agree that sometimes it feels like they just want to get through the day because it is 'work'. It is and it's probably normal, but it's not fun as a viewer to sense these things.

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@Castiel said:

I've been a big fan of not singling out specific members of the GB crew, but if I have to be honest there are certain QLs I don't enjoy as much because of the person involved. I'll just leave it at that.

It's definitely not the only reason though. The week where it was only Brad, Vinny and Drew were the best week in GB for years and it was because they didn't have to follow any plan or anything. It was just them doing what they wanted to do and it just felt natural, fun and relaxed.

This. I can't really explain it, but I've never felt the vibe from the office that well as in those videos. There was a particular 'je ne sais quoi' going on, it was awesome.

I also have to note while I agree I enjoyed QL's more in the past, I'm the first to nag when there's a lack of content for a while. So they must be doing something right. I also don't have any problem with Patrick whatsoever, but last week was just a bit too much.

Also: more Flight Clubs. I'll put on my FC shirt everytime when there's a new one, I promise!

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I can only offer Don't Starve.

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