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#1 Posted by NicolasVH (57 posts) -

Been playing the Collection for over a week now (press download code) and absolutely enjoying it!

You can add me on Xbox Live via 'NicolasVH'. Happy to get together for some Team Slayer (preferably on Halo 3's The Pit -> that map is great!)

#2 Posted by NicolasVH (57 posts) -

I've been using gel for years now, I always try to find a gel that makes my hair look like it doesn't have gel in it. Of course everybody knows that it's styled, but at least my hair still looks like hair (imo). My photo on my profile might make things a bit clearer.

Why do I say this? Cause a lot of gels (and especially waxes) will sometimes make your hair look like you haven't washed in four months. A lot of these gels will make your hair very hard as well, sometimes even to the point that you think you can break it in two. Yes, these are the gels that make your hair stay put in the same position for almost the entire day. It's not worth it. Use a softer, less strong gel that you do in your hair in the morning. Just put it up from one side and stroke it to either left or right (depending on your natural hair line). You'll probably need to put it up during the day a few times with your hand. It's natural, girls dig it.

I sound like an incredible cocky douchebag at this point, but really, don't use the strong stuff and don't try anything overly fancy.

#3 Posted by NicolasVH (57 posts) -

It's just a suggestion to make the site a little bit better. Not sure what First World Problems have to do with that.

#4 Posted by NicolasVH (57 posts) -

I do, unfortunately I exclusively watch GiantBomb on my laptop. :)

#5 Posted by NicolasVH (57 posts) -

Think trailers attract too much 'casual/one-off' visitors to justify the decision to move them to the forums. They're too important for ad revenue, would be my guess.

So saying that, this 'feature' would help the more frequent (not interested in trailers) GiantBomb visitor while not hurting conversion for the audience described above.

#6 Edited by NicolasVH (57 posts) -

Not really a bug, but more a small suggestion.


At the moment for me, it's kind of a pain to check out all categories to see if there any new GiantBomb videos. So no trailers form third-parties, just stuff that the staff made. Going through 'Last videos' is the least tiresome way, but even then I slip past some videos which is unfortunate.


Add a checkbox on 'Last videos' to filter out videos that are GiantBomb productions. This could be a member only feature. The backend would also need ths checkbox implementation, logically. Retroactively updating all content might be a bit much, so for new content only then I presume.

A fast wireframe I did.

#7 Posted by NicolasVH (57 posts) -

It's really fun indeed! If some other GiantBomb duders feel like having a go at some zombies with me, feel free to add NicolasVH on Xbox Live!

#8 Posted by NicolasVH (57 posts) -

Everybody who said no doesn't belong here!

#9 Edited by NicolasVH (57 posts) -

Well, I've been annoyed by the alignment as well, so I tweaked the CSS myself to this. It's not much work. It's two classes you need to change. There's a class .skin-no .row .span8:first-child that just needs one attribute: width: 100%. Second class to change is .skin-no .span4, just add 'display: none' attribute. DONE!

#10 Posted by NicolasVH (57 posts) -

The site is almost completely broken for me. I can't watch videos on the site anymore.

In progressive mode (all quality settings) while video is buffering it runs at a bout 1-3 FPS. The video lags about 5 seconds behind the audio. After it has fully buffered/downloaded it runs marginally better, but still choppy/stuttery and if I try to use my computer for anything else (browse in other tabs/window or run other programs) without it getting choppy and the audio stuttering like mad.

In streaming mode it has all the same problems just to a lesser extent but even tho I have a fairly good internet connection (20+ mb) it's constantly pausing to buffer and constantly stuck on what looks like the lowest quality setting.

Now to be fair, I'm on a crappy, old, Dell laptop from over half a decade ago with Intel Express video. On it's best day this thing is a miserable hunk of junk. But I have NO problems watching video on any other site. Only the new GB.

Yeah, so this. I have the same problems on a fairly good laptop. HTML5 playback option doesn't help either (in fullscreen).

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