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@hughesman: I think it's more because they laugh directly at the audience they appear to be targeting. I can see both points of view even though I don't care for that show.

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Wow, I know a few people that work for the devs and they're not the kind of people that would rip something off this blatantly. I imagine they just took the client at their word.

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@SlashDance said:

Pretty Much

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Great recommendations as always, keep up the Instapaper Fodder

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The content seems better actually but the branding seems a bit strange. Especially the way they said we've got a new site called Tested. Seemed super strange.

I'd be surprised if the people who said that Tested got a way better deal, are still saying that now after seeing the new site.

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I'm not really a fan of JRPGs, in fact I'm not a fan of RPGS in general but I could see a market for them on iOS. After seeing the guys play Chrono Trigger, I started looking for a similar experience on iOS and failed. But it seems like a missed opportunity that an app developer could capitalise on.

The problem with RPGs, is that they were designed the way they were because of technical limitations, limitations that we no longer have. So I'd be surprised if we got a massive resurgence in them.

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This whole thing is so dumb. Recording footage and putting it online has always been copyright theft. You're taking other people's content and putting it online. However, it's not going to be anything anyone enforces. Just like before S.978 was introduced.

This changes nothing.

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Man, this is a real shame. I loved Split/Second and Pure was decent as well. The problem is that both of them needed a sequel to really do something. Split/Second was great but there was diminishing returns on the set pieces the game was built around.

Hopefully someone picks them up. Racing devs are really falling by the wayside now and it's a real shame.

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Bastion & Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet but I'll probably get them on PC when they go on Steam sale.