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No, 25

It is disrespectful to them. I did it when I was 17 to do be disrespectful and it is one of a few times my dad ever really got pissed at me. Only time I ever call them by there first name is to get their attention.

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Merry Christmas GB community. Have a happy New Year as well.

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If you are starting to get stretched thin just streamline the main quests. That's what I ended up doing as well.

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Watch Dogs for me.

Destiny will win.

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I didn't watch the series but what boss did Drew have the most trouble with? Loved the last 40 minutes of them talking in the final video.

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No Machine Head? Bummer.

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Heads up deal seekers. MGS V: GZ is currently 6.80 on the PSN store for the PS4. Glad I held off on the PC version.

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Awesome article, love this nerdy shit.

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Hope to play it some day. PC release Swery and I will buy day one to support you.

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I hope we see a console stream we haven't before. I would love a Genesis one since they never did an anniversary stream (not that they said they would, just hoped they would).

The problem is that Jeff doesn't have that many Genesis games.

I'm sure he has enough to do an hour or two. I just feel like it is weirdly one of the most popular consoles ever and yet hasn't gotten a lot of light on the site. Hell the 3DO got its own stream, and it was fucking great.