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First that comes to mind is Portal 2's OST. Frozen Synapse is also pretty great.

And Skyrim will no doubt be awesome.

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@Korrz said:
I browse forums to see other peoples opinions on topics that I'm interested in, I rarely post myself unless I have something specific to say/ask. I think a lot of people are the same way, and I've been signed up on this site since the day it launched lol.
Pretty much this. I've had this account since 2009, but never really feel like posting. I just like seeing what everyone's talking about, and a lot of the time, someone will have already expressed my opinion, anyway. 

So why am I posting this? I. Don't. Know.
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I remember when I was younger seeing all of those Earthbound boxes with the strategy guides included at my local Best Buy. There were a ton of them, and they were, what, $25? Why didn't I just buy one? Why?!

Other, less notable regrets: Phat DS, Killzone 2, and losing my SNES cart of Super Mario All-Starts + Super Mario World.
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I thought of a folded-up dungeon map for Final Fantasy I that I have sitting around here somewhere. Came from an old Nintendo Power or maybe GamePro magazine.

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If a game sucks, it sucks. I've never once started playing a game, decided it was horrible, and then continued to spend hours and hours completing it just to make sure

I'm not saying Brink sucks (haven't played it) and I'm not saying that professional reviewers shouldn't be held to higher standards than average gamers, but I don't see this as that big a deal. So basically:
@mfpantst said:


" Hey, internet. Maybe Brink just isn't that good. "

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@DanVenture said:
"My experience with it is starting to look scarily similar to heroes. (Please don't kill me for the comparison.) "
Just so you don't feel alone there, I actually feel the same way. I just didn't feel comfortable putting Chuck and Heroes in the same sentence together, much less comparing the two. Still, I don't think Chuck will ever get that lame. 
I think my problem with Chuck these days is that Season 2 ended on an awesome cliffhanger that just never delivered. That right there kind of soured everything for me. Plus all the relationship angst, and the fact that the Intersect is almost a non-issue I said, I still watch and like the show, but even just last night I was wondering how much longer I'll be a fan.
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While I was really into the whole Save Chuck thing last year, I'm just not feeling it this season. I like the characters, I like the music, I like Yvonne Strahovski. But there's something missing; it's just not as fun as it used to be.
So Subway for me this year. :( I mean, I don't want it to be canceled, but I guess I'm mostly indifferent.

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 I view people as either hardcore or casual, not games. 
For example, I own Modern Warfare 2, but I play it casually whereas a lot of people are really into it. I enjoy its multiplayer in small doses. In no way do I believe that owning a copy of Modern Warfare 2 somehow makes me superior.
As others have said, just play what you like.

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I've been playing the console version recently, and you get used to it. The thing is, you often cannot just rush into combat and expect to have good results, so it's best to go into every battle expecting it to be difficult (that doesn't mean it will be, but it'll be less frustrating if you don't let your guard up). You'll also have to pause a lot and do a little hand-holding with the A.I.
Health poultices and healing spells are necessary, as well.

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I'm tired of games premiering without showing gameplay. I was underwhelmed.
But, that said, I thought it looked good.