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    I was wondering if a new happy potter game came out and i was like "huh" then i realized. This was great to watch again! RIP Ryan Davis, we all miss ya bud.

  • Niko23 wrote a review of Remember Me.
    Remember Me has promise, but it fell short to it being a truly amazing game.

    Right of the bat I love the atmosphere in this game, the neo-Paris setting is gorgeous. The concept art, graphics and visual setting is all beautiful. The story is where it fell short, or at least how...

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  • Niko23 wrote a review of Disney Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse.
    A simple yet fun platform adventure for you to enjoy!

    This game is very light hearted, simple and fun for everyone to play. You play through various stages in the game and the graphics are quite nice. It's a 2D platformer that throws some 3D elements int...