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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone could make a Ryan Davis wallpaper in light of the recent sad news. If anyone has any please free feel to post it here.

Now this one is just something i made quickly but if anyone can make it better like the font style/placing (i'm not very good) please help me out and post it here. Thanks everyone.

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i have windows 7 directx10 and whenever i start AOE 2 the map scrolls left then up. i tried following the scrolling with my mouse but that didnt work. im using a sony vaio laptop btw. anyone know a fix? thank you ! 
nvm the expansion has the original campaign lol works fine

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Mc Chicken or big mac combo with supersize fries, coke zero and always get chicken nuggets on the side 

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other than me lol

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lol ohh. how many stars u got now?

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sure thing

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@btman:  yea im doing them on veteran n i have a mic. 
psn : Niko23
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Trying to get the trophies for it, wondering if anyone wants to join in.
just add Niko23 and we'll play when ever  

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btw what system are you playing SFIV on?

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