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@machinesailor Are you still running this? If so can you make an invite that doesn't expire? If not I could volunteer starting one and maybe getting some volunteers for help to Moderate it...

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@Trace Yeah Im interested to try out some league play! When is a new season going to start!

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Thanks. Everything worked.

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@wcarle: I would like to reset my password as it seems I can't remember it now that I've been using google to sign in.

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Haven't received anything yet...

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So I've been using Google to sign in for awhile now, but I am trying to set up premium Podcast RSS and I wanted to confirm my normal username/password.

It seems though it won't let me sign in using that now though. I even tried to reset my password in case I was typing it wrong. But I get a "Whoops something went wrong, but we are working on it"

Revoking access in Google didn't work either.

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If anyone is interested in joining a Fantasy League for Season 2. I've gone ahead and started one.

League Name = Space Neon Lobsters

League ID = 298092

Password = PW123

Anyone who can see this is free to join and it will be first come first serve. (10max) Since the season starts on Sept 29th I would hopefully like to get the drafting started around then.

Time of draft will most likely be evening EST (think 8 or 9?)

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I'm here to say i am interested in joining whatever Organization gets started here. Space Lobsters? ???

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I got together a Rdio version as best as I could since Spotify isn't in Canada and here is the link.

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For all Rdio listeners who would like to pump up The Realest Summerjams playlist along with the spotifiers...I've put together a playlist with the same songs!

Go out there and crank it up!