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I'm here to say i am interested in joining whatever Organization gets started here. Space Lobsters? ???

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I got together a Rdio version as best as I could since Spotify isn't in Canada and here is the link.

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For all Rdio listeners who would like to pump up The Realest Summerjams playlist along with the spotifiers...I've put together a playlist with the same songs!

Go out there and crank it up!

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The worst way to start out a week is losing what felt to be one of your best friends despite ever meeting him. :'(

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They just launched their Holiday Pay what you want pack where you get 30 holiday themed cards for whatever you want to pay!!

Also everything else is back in stock. If you are Canadian you can now order Expansion #2!!

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@MattyFTM: I think THQ just really needs the money right now.

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@Dark_Lord_Spam: One day us second-classer will rise above the BOMB, and we will overthrow the Lincoln Force, you better watch your backs!!!

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I just signed up on the spreadsheet, can't wait to parteh with the bombites!

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I'm looking into building a HTPC with the capabilities to play some old classic games like SNES/NeoGeo or even N64 if possible.

The problem is I have no idea where to start and a google search never gave a great answer. I'm hoping for it to be cheap, preferably around the $300 or less.

My first question is, is it better to build or buy a pre-made micro PC? If I am building any recommendations for parts?

Second, for software, I've read that XBMC with Adv. Launcher works well, but there is also Mediaportal that can be configured as well.

Last one for now is, would a wired USB xbox controller work for most games?

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What he didn't add to the article was

Unlike other companies who've issued language to prevent class-actions, Valve has granted users a weird bit of compensation in the new SSA. Anyone who elects to use individual arbitration to resolve any Steam-related disputes can expect to have their cost of arbitration paid for entirely by Valve, no matter the final decision. However, for this offer to stand, the claim must be under $10,000, and the arbitrator must not "determine the claim to be frivolous or the costs unreasonable