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Thanks. Everything worked.

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@wcarle: I would like to reset my password as it seems I can't remember it now that I've been using google to sign in.

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Haven't received anything yet...

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So I've been using Google to sign in for awhile now, but I am trying to set up premium Podcast RSS and I wanted to confirm my normal username/password.

It seems though it won't let me sign in using that now though. I even tried to reset my password in case I was typing it wrong. But I get a "Whoops something went wrong, but we are working on it"

Revoking access in Google didn't work either.

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If anyone is interested in joining a Fantasy League for Season 2. I've gone ahead and started one.

League Name = Space Neon Lobsters

League ID = 298092

Password = PW123

Anyone who can see this is free to join and it will be first come first serve. (10max) Since the season starts on Sept 29th I would hopefully like to get the drafting started around then.

Time of draft will most likely be evening EST (think 8 or 9?)

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I'm here to say i am interested in joining whatever Organization gets started here. Space Lobsters? ???

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I got together a Rdio version as best as I could since Spotify isn't in Canada and here is the link.

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For all Rdio listeners who would like to pump up The Realest Summerjams playlist along with the spotifiers...I've put together a playlist with the same songs!

Go out there and crank it up!

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The worst way to start out a week is losing what felt to be one of your best friends despite ever meeting him. :'(

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They just launched their Holiday Pay what you want pack where you get 30 holiday themed cards for whatever you want to pay!!

Also everything else is back in stock. If you are Canadian you can now order Expansion #2!!