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So can we get an Otogi 3? And a 1+2 remake collection. Best games From has made :D

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I am truly sadden by this. I honestly don't know how to put it into words. I've been a fan and member of Giant Bomb for years. Their light hearted and fun take on one of my favorite hobbies has been a staple for me - for a very long time. The site has helped me when I get really bad lows (from my clinical "massive" depression that I've been battling for years). I'm just seriously shocked to my core. This site really do feel like friends to me. Even though we've never met. RIP, duder.

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Makes me wonder how much a character costs in a game like Awesomenauts. Or DOTA2/League of Legends.

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Sadly I'm one of the (seemingly few) people that LOVED AC3 and Ratohnhaké:ton as a character. I loved the wilderness and climbing in 1700's Boston. I loved hunting animals and climbing trees and cliff sides. Spent hours exploring the wilds and wanted more.

I would love to see more of this setting, its unique and interesting. Japan or China would be really boring. Maybe take it to Central/South America? Aztecs or Inca. BEFORE any Europeans came.

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Let PCF make another Bulletstorm, which was better then any GoW game IMO :(

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all i want to say is, this server/community is the thing that got me to buy this game. hope to call the server home someday :)

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I cannot support Activision, but I'm sure CoD players will like it or not. Better then 15 dollar map packs.