LTTP : Wolfenstein The New Order.

So I bought Wolfenstein The New Order on a sale on PSN and boy, let me tell this game is freaking awesome. A game called Wolfenstein has no right to be this good. I played maybe a couple of hours of it and the shooting feels tight, the frame rate is locked at 60 and being able to dual wield an auto shotgun is every bit as awesome as it sounds.

But what surprised me the most is the writing. How the hell did they make a jarhead like B.J Blazkowicz so likable? It is a game with robot dogs and nazis going to the moon but it all feels very grounded and it is thanks to the characters, the voice acting and the writing, it is way better than anyone would expect from the series.

If you've been on the fence, jump down on the side with us who own this game. It's a good side to be on.

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