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Hell yeah I'm up for some Remastered action online!

PSN ID : Nilazz

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I sent a request, my psn id is Nilazz.

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I need some new and fresh podcast in my blood! GIVE IT TO ME! Also, we need more Drew humming music from Doom.

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Maybe connected to the whole UFO thingy?

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I've been going through all the old Bombcasts ( up to 2012 right now ) and Ryan was such a great podcast host, nothing against Jeff not at all.

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Yeah, making fun of the people actually viewing, great idea.

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I turned on my xbox 360 and for some reason the whole HDD had been wiped, and those 50+ hours of Dark Souls grinding were gone....My heart broke.

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Hey, I thought Brad quit?

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I really really hope they do something with the prison and the military base in GTA Online, I was very surprise when none of them really came in to play in the main game.

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The final glance and nod between Jesse and Walt was a perfect end for them, we've been waiting so long for that. Thank you.