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They only thing that makes me hate ( yes hate ) AW is the netcode, I can't play it. I played Ghosts for about 250+ hours and I've only played AW for about 20, I just can't get a single kill thanks to the bad netcode.

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You get supply drops after a death, maybe it has something to do with that? Killing yourself to get more supply drops?

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Podkicker, it's excellent,

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The latest patch is going to make things even worse! ( BETTER! )

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It sure is glorious to be a subscriber! Hmm...Maybe I should up my subscription.

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ANYTHING! A Vinny&Alex Deadly Premonition Endurance Run, of course.

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@onimonkii: I would LOVE another GD&TOP album, that thing was a beast! But yeah, only if they make in the spirit of the first one. Goddamn that had a great number of tracks and the solos were just as good as the collabs.

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Damn, that is pretty cool.

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One of the coolest small details in the game, on the tanker if you go to the bar and shoot one of the big mugs with ice in them, the ice falls out and actually melts.

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I bet we will see Titanfall somewhere on his list, he was pretty big on it at time of release.