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Guess I'll be skipping this

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So if flaunting trademark rights is now "freedom of speech" then I guess Remington can make Medal of Honor & Battlefield 4 edition rifles without EA's sayso? I mean, it's only fair, right?

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I won't be satisfied unless the main character spends the whole movie humping walls searching for hidden bling.

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Valve's solution to a broken, clogged up rating process is to add "micro-transactions"?

That term doesn't accurately describe anything in this context. It's a one time fee for each individual developer. Even with this, the bar-to-entry to get on Steam remains drastically lower than with every other notable digital distribution platform this side of Desura and the Ubuntu Software Center.

It was a joke. I thought asking what hat they got with their payment would have been too much.

Defending the barrier to entry as low misses the point. Only the most no-effort submissions would be affected and the current rating system still sees completed & popular games buried and struggling with less than 10% of the needed "Likes" to pass the popularity contest. If the $100 fee at least bought the eyes of an intern long enough to sort submissions between finished titles and barely alpha concepts it might be a different story.

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Valve's solution to a broken, clogged up rating process is to add "micro-transactions"?

So who gets to write off the charitable donation? I'm guessing it's not the struggling indie developer.

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Gaming is over. Generations of continuity from the Amiga gone in an instant.

I know it ceased being Psygnosis long ago and the original members are long departed, but damn.

I guess the saddest part is how I'm not even sure there's anything left TO reassemble under the Psygnosis name (whoever owns it now) and revive whatever old IP isn't owned by Sony.


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The verbatim Torchlight sound files were pretty much a smoking gun anyway.

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Latency being such a significant and fundamental problem with services like Gaikai and OnLive, hopefully Sony sticks with it as solely a means for instant access demos. (which in of themselves would hugely improve the current digital distribution experience)