Yakuza 4

I have now completed two parts of Yakuza 4 and I am now playing as the third character.  
So far I have gone through Akiyama and Saejima's story. I wasn't expecting Saejima's story to be as good as Akiyama's but I was proven wrong. I suppose I judged Akiyama at the beginning and thought there couldn't be much to this bulky tough looking prisoner. This guy looks like he has more morals than the prison guards. He's morals, motives and reason for being in prison are what really makes this character for me.  
I look forward to hearing about the third characters side of the story. I still don't know he's name yet but I'll pick it up as I play more of it. 
So far, I'm really liking this game. Some of the gameplay mechanics are stuck in the past though. I wish this were fully voiced too. There are parts where its voiced but then it cuts to text. Why not go the extra mile and make it fully voiced as the voice acting in this is incredible. Also, it can get annoying when I am walking and I randomly get into a fight. I suppose it's the waiting to get into fight mode, then after beating them, waiting to get out of fight mode. I mean, why not make it streamlined? It just feels like old gameplay mechanics coming into play here. When he finds a locker key why do I have to watch him take hes time bending down to get the locker key. I suppose thinking about it, they are small issues but I feel even these small changes could make the game flow better.  
I suppose I am willing to take the negatives when such a great story is being told.  


yakuza 4

After finishing Yakuza 3 last year, I couldn't wait to see what Yakuza 4 has to offer. I have now finished the first chapter of Yakuza 4 and it is definetly interesting.  
So the first character is not Kazuya surprisingly enough, but some guy called Akiyama. Akiyama though is a facinating character. They have done a fantastic job of introducing him. I look forward to more with this character. 
From recollection, I think Kamurocho looks far better here than in Yakuza 3. At least thats how it looks like but I doubt I'll play Yakuza 3 to figure that out. I don't know what it is about me but once I finish a game, no matter how good it is, I can never play it again even if I have the intent to play it again sometime.  
Anyway, first impression = facinating!


Oh Persona 4, how I love thee

I finished Persona 4 in 2009. I finished it way before the endurance run reached the half way point and finding out that GiantBomb were doing an endurance run on this game was also great to hear. I was concerned that they wouldn't finish it but there was no need to worry. 
My main point is this...I finished that game in 2009 and I am still thinking about that game. I am still looking at random episodes of the endurance runs because I love that game so much. Granted it's not a game that I can show to friends because I know that they will get really bored. Nevertheless, I don't need other people to tell me what I should or shouldn't like.  
 Persona 4, I don't know what it is about this game that I love so much. I mean, is it as "fun" to play as something like vanquish, bayonetta, Okami or mass effect 2? I don't think so. Persona 4 Isn't as fun to play as modern games but it has something else going for it that makes me love it more than modern games. Persona 4 sticks to me unlike most games today. I mean, although I had allot of fun with Vanquish I can't say that I love that game. I just like vanquish. Persona 4 is one of those few that has that special something that most other games lack. Okami is an example of those special few also. 
So is it all entirely to the story and cast? I mean, Persona 4 would never be as memorable without them. I think it also helps that the game is so long as well. It helps you to get more attached with the characters and spend more time interacting with your characters. So is that all a game needs? Just the amazing story and cast? I am not sure, but whatever Atlus did to Persona 4, they definitely did it right. As far as I am concerned, Atlus are the king of JRPG's.


Very excited

Man, I haven't felt this excited for a game in a long time. I think I'm going to have to import Catherine! Absolutly loved Persona 4, even before the endurance run started. When the endurance run was doing persona 4, I couldn't believe it!  
So now that GiantBomb and introduced me to Catherine, I just can't get enough. I absolutely love everything about it so far. The story, to the gameplay. I went ahead and downloaded the demo on my PS3 and loved it. The language can be a bit of a issue. I am at a reasonable level with my Japanese so I can understand up to a point. The more I repeat it, the more I understand which will also help with my Japanese.  
I don't entirely agree with Brad and Ryan's opinion of the game being somewhat dissapointing. I find it quite exciting that the developers of Persona 4 (one of the greatest games I have ever played), are doing something different. Also, who's to say that the entire gameplay is what the demo showed? I bet there's quite a bit of variety.
Anyway, it's not like Persona 5 wont come out. I so cannot wait for Persona 5! 
I am genuinely so excited for this game. Definitely importing this!


It's been a while

So the last time I made a post was on May 2009. Unbelievable. It's not as if I don't follow Giantbomb, although I don't follow them as much, it's just that I am too busy with my university stuff. I do keep a blog somewhere else which is completely private to me. I have now decided to keep everything game related on this blog. I think this is because I value the opinion of gamers when it comes to the topic of games.  
Anyway, I bought Codemaster's F1 2010 and I love it. I am not a fan of racing games in general but I have always had an interest in formula 1. This game has ignited that interest further and I can't stop updating myself on everything F1. When I complete my degree and get a proper job, I will make sure to grab myself a F1 ticket or at least pay to have the experience of driving an F1 car.  
Anyway, this game can only really be appreciated with a steering wheel and pedals which I am glad I got. It really makes the F1 experience that much more authentic. Now all I need is something to simulate G Force...  
Oh and I finished Vanquish the other day. Short but sweet I suppose. I thought it was great. I have never had the urge to play any game twice since the Ocarina of Time so just for vanquish to come close is not bad.  
Anyway, I'll definitely keep this blog updated more often now! 


Completed Persona 4 (true ending), My experience;

So I managed to finaly complete Persona 4 last night and spent somewhere around 110 hours according to my save file.

Let me warn people who might be reading this that there WILL be spoilers to the true ending. Again,


you have been warned

So after completing the game's true ending, I have to start off by saying that Persona 4 is probably the greatest game I have ever played. I think the last time that a game had this kind of impact on me was a certain game by the name of "Shenmue 2".

So what is it that makes this the greatest game I have ever played? As I said previously, I reckon this is largely due to do the story and characters. The moment that I figured out that Adachi was the person reponsible for the murders, I was just amazed. The moment where you get to make the decision as to who commited the murder, a list of names are presented to you and you have a few chances to make the right choice. I went through the list thinking about the chances of each person being the murderer and as soon as I hit Adachi's name, everything clicked. I selected him straight away, on my first try, because everything clicked, it had to be him.

Then to think that all this started at the very start of the game where you met the person working at the petrol station.

So, the story is amazing, what else? The characters. Chie, Yosuke, Kanji, Teddie, Rise, Naoto, Yukiko and of the other characters not involved with jumping into the TV are something else altogether. I found myself connected with each and every character and they are people that I would totally get on with. So the next time I jump into a TV and somehow meet them in the TV world, I'll make sure to let them know that they'r awesome.

To conclude:

Greatest game I have ever played.


Frustration with street fighter 4, half solved

So the problem that I had previously was the cancellation of special moves. I could never cancel a special move during online or arcade matches and I just couldnt figure out why the hell it does not work! I pull it off flawlessly in training and I could never do it in an actual match.

Now though, after the help of steve_evil, the solution has been found. I use Sakura so I dont know if the same applies to all characters or not. When using a EX move, at least 2 bars of the S gauge must be full for the cancellation of a EX move to work. The cancellation will cause 2 whole bars to go so as to prevent people from constantly cancelling. 

When I use Sakura's Shuryoken, a very useful move, I must be careful that the opponent will not block it otherwise it leaves me wide open for any sort of attack. If the opponent does block, I will have to pay the price by sacrificing two bars to prevent an open attack. Very interesting. I like how I have to think about what I'm doing and I have to think fast.

Oh and the other half, online. I never got anybody disconnecting before but today, today was unbelievable. Constant disconnections. What a bunch of assholes! They see that I'm not easy and so they disconnect? It didn't happen once or twice either. This happened too many times today. I do wish that qualified as my win and their loss. I would'v thought that Capcom would foresee this problem. I mean, it should be obvious, right?


frustration at street fighter 4

I have been playing Street fighter 4 for too many hours right now. I will check in a minute but I think it may be over 40 hours. At first, the controls were frustrating but I got used to it. I dont understand why anyone would want to play with the d pad. I just use the stick on the 360 controller. It works just fine.

My frustration though is cancelling moves. For example, I use Sakura and when I do her EX Shuryoken I want to cancel in the middle by pressing the focus attack buttons. I try this in training mode and I get the timing down right and I can pull it off so many times in training mode. When I go online though, its a whole different story! I dont understand why it never ever works online. How can I perform the cancellation of my EX move time after time in training but never in online. I know the guy is gonna block it but I try it anyway to see if I can cancel and it does not work at all. I go back to training to see if I can really pull it off and I swear I can. I honestly dont know how to solve this. Its very frustrating that I know a move is going to be blocked so I know I should cancel but it just fails and the opponent gets a free hit.

Other than that its a great game.


street fighter 4 thing I cannot figure out!

So I have been playing this game for way too long now but there is one thing that I still cannot figure out.

Certain moves with certain characters like Chun lee need to do some sort of charge to do moves. Chun lee's version of a fireball requires a charge before a punch (if i remember correctly) but the thing that is never explained is how to charge. The game just automatically assumes you know how to charge.

Does anybody know how to charge?


Street fighter 4 battle points

So I have been playing aot of online street fighter recently and though I still get beat alot, It's happening less frequently now. Its amazing actually, people have posted on my previous blogs that all it takes is practice practice and more practice. I kind of feel the practice paying off. Its taken over 170 online matches but im starting to understand how to play Street Fighter.

I use Sakura and I would do nothing but attack in whichever way possible and thats exactly why I kept losing. The more matches I played the more I used my brain and used my attacks and defense at right and appropriate times rather than using it because I feel like it. It took me a while to get used to Sakura but I'm winning more often now. It's an amazing feeling that the constant losses after losses after losses that I had to put up with are paying off.

As a result of this feat I went from 0 to 200 something to 0 again and up to 399 battlepoints. You must remember that I am a very very new street fighter player and I generally do not like fighting games. This 399 battlepoints is a huge achievement for me. It took me more than 170 matches with over 40 wins to get it.

I feel as though I can get more now. I have reached a point where moving beyond 0 battle points is not impossible as I previously thought. I am also currently on my 5th win in a row which I hope to continue with Sakura. It tookme a while to understand Sakura and how she is supposed to be used but im happy that I have it figured out. I reckon Ken and Ryu would have been a much easier choice but I feel I have achieved something by sticking with Sakura.

Also in regards to online, I have actually had alot of fun playing in player matches. Just selecting random characters and just playing without anything to lose. It's alot of fun and can be great practice as well. I actually prefer player matches to ranked matches. Its just great fun.

Dont take it that I think I'm really good now. I still get beat very badly but now its not as hopeless as I once thought.