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Man, I haven't felt this excited for a game in a long time. I think I'm going to have to import Catherine! Absolutly loved Persona 4, even before the endurance run started. When the endurance run was doing persona 4, I couldn't believe it!  
So now that GiantBomb and introduced me to Catherine, I just can't get enough. I absolutely love everything about it so far. The story, to the gameplay. I went ahead and downloaded the demo on my PS3 and loved it. The language can be a bit of a issue. I am at a reasonable level with my Japanese so I can understand up to a point. The more I repeat it, the more I understand which will also help with my Japanese.  
I don't entirely agree with Brad and Ryan's opinion of the game being somewhat dissapointing. I find it quite exciting that the developers of Persona 4 (one of the greatest games I have ever played), are doing something different. Also, who's to say that the entire gameplay is what the demo showed? I bet there's quite a bit of variety.
Anyway, it's not like Persona 5 wont come out. I so cannot wait for Persona 5! 
I am genuinely so excited for this game. Definitely importing this!

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@mrv321: I agree! I wish I could delete my facebook account but its linked to my HTC which means I get to do allot of really neat connectivity with it. I don't use it at all though. I never ever update my status as I have the same feelings as you do in regards to people obsessed with updating their facebook status. Too many people spend far too much time on facebook. 
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I just played the PC version as some have suggested it is the best version. I must say though, they were certainly right. I just played the demo and wow! The controls especially are far superior. Loving it on the PC. If I buy this game, it will have to be on the PC as its far cheaper. Not right now though, I'm managing to control myself buy doing my dissertation!

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well I am now thinking of waiting for the price to drop a bit before I buy it again. I definitely think it's worth 2 purchases but until I graduate and get a job this year then I will not have the means to easily do this. Hmmm... 

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So the last time I made a post was on May 2009. Unbelievable. It's not as if I don't follow Giantbomb, although I don't follow them as much, it's just that I am too busy with my university stuff. I do keep a blog somewhere else which is completely private to me. I have now decided to keep everything game related on this blog. I think this is because I value the opinion of gamers when it comes to the topic of games.  
Anyway, I bought Codemaster's F1 2010 and I love it. I am not a fan of racing games in general but I have always had an interest in formula 1. This game has ignited that interest further and I can't stop updating myself on everything F1. When I complete my degree and get a proper job, I will make sure to grab myself a F1 ticket or at least pay to have the experience of driving an F1 car.  
Anyway, this game can only really be appreciated with a steering wheel and pedals which I am glad I got. It really makes the F1 experience that much more authentic. Now all I need is something to simulate G Force...  
Oh and I finished Vanquish the other day. Short but sweet I suppose. I thought it was great. I have never had the urge to play any game twice since the Ocarina of Time so just for vanquish to come close is not bad.  
Anyway, I'll definitely keep this blog updated more often now! 

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The title is my query i suppose. Bear in mind that I didn't buy any of the downloadable content for the 360 version and I do miss mass effect 2. I bought it when it first came out. The notion of paying full price for a game I already have payed full price for is really holding me back... 
thanks in advance

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ok thanks. I dont think I'll bother installing it as I really want to play Bayonetta again at some point.
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Currently my hard drive is full due to Bayonetta and I plan on playing it here and there. I obviously need that game to be installed for it to perform properly. 
I was wondering if I need to install mass effect 2 or does it perform just fine without the installation...
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im guessing thats a big no then...
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I dont have this jailbreak thing but I was just curious. If somebody jailbreaks their iphone, will they be able to download any application from the apps store for free? Or is it that you can only have access to another store that has nothing to do with the apps store?