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#1 Posted by NimbusLaw (31 posts) -

Thanks, just made me save a couple of €

#2 Posted by NimbusLaw (31 posts) -

Someone tried it already?

If yes, is the PC version any good?

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I have one for the EU guys, PM me if you need one :)

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I read somewhere that the guys over Ubisoft know of the optimization problems and will soon make a patch to hopefully fit the FPS issues most of the userd have.

#5 Posted by NimbusLaw (31 posts) -

AMD Phenon II x4 955@4Ghz

GTX 570 Beta Drivers 310.61

2x4GB Corsair Vengeacce Blue @1600 MHz, 9-9-8-24, 1,5 V

ASUS M5A99X Last Updated Bios

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I'd like to ask something to anyone who has played it on the PC if they encountered frame rate issues. Because I did! I know my hardware can manage the game at 60+ FPS but oddly enough when arriving in Boston the FPS is as low as 20 or even 15.

Anyone else encountered this problem?

Tried even the Beta Nvidia drivers that were let out especcialy for this game and BO2

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if you can, find some buddies and play with them, the game is so much more fun if you play with some friends over Skype/VoIP, the coordination and all of those things make this game awesome.

Other tips: Don't run over corners but try and peek. Fiddle with the sensitivity and try to find your sweet spot. Don't ever reload after killing an enemy, there is always someone behind him. If you go Medic, heal whenever you can but consider if it's a good time to res someone, and before ressing try and kill your buddies aggressor, if it's too risky to res him don't risk 2 tickets instead of one. If you go support, always stick with your squads engineers, they always need ammo. And last, try and have fun, always stay cool and don't play if you see it's not a good time (like when always dying!). Hope this tips will help you somehow :)

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If you can, grab it. Premium gives you some cool things and obviously all of the DLCs that are awesome :)

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Open EasyDrive, then open player list and you can mute every person manually. Found this on the Origin Sites.

#10 Edited by NimbusLaw (31 posts) -

Didn't expect to find so many people with so many problems with this game!

It's not a bad game, multiplayer seems fun and there surely will be someone who likes it very much. Probably I was expecting something else and didn't inform myself well on what this game was about.

And I want to buy a console now just to try out Forza Horizon, it seems so much better and on what I want from a racing game right now.

I turned them off and the frames improved a lot, but not seeing a single bit of shadow is just ugly! Hope they fix it up soon :S

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