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It's rude not to cheer people when they show up on a panel...

More on topic though I really enjoyed DmC but I'm sure Capcom had their hands over the creative process. I'm interested to see what Ninja Theory can do now without publisher interference!

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I thought it was silly stupid goofy, but it's a commercial... I don't really care enough to say it was excellent or dire.

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@warpig87: I'm the same, I'm as eager to watch every new episode as I was way back during the Persona 4 Endurance Run.

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@antonphotog: but he implies that you can walk off in to the distance if you find a way down, which is a lie. Don't get me wrong I'm really excited for Destiny and this demo is irrelevant, but it represents the misleading nature of 'virtual slice' demonstrations.

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Hey are you still up for this? I need somebody tonight or tomorrow to help best all AI (type 2) weapons.

Gamertag: staticbandicoot

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To see videos of a USB on PS3 you need to press triangle on the USB under the 'video' of the USB and select 'view all' or 'display all' or something like that!

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I completely agree, I honestly don't see the need for it at all, new content is already highlighted very well on the home page and the video page, the widget should be exclusively for upcoming content.

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I think the fact that Destiny is coming out on both current and last generation systems makes it likely that we'll see a PC version, it indicates that the engine is one which (may) be ported with relative ease, so that being the case then not making a PC version is leaving money on the table.

However I'm getting the PS4 version, add me up, join my firetean, dance on my head. PSN ID: staticbandicoot

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Awesome! That's delightful news, I'm very happy for you @vinny!

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I voted 2 but ODST and Reach are way superior.