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@aetheldod: Sorry dude. I didn't think to make one at the time. Really should have. If you have any questions I can answer them for you. That or head over to SRK for loads of advice, help and crazy stick builds.

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@ninja_welshman: that is a super sexy fightstick. The button and joystick harnesses make all the difference!

Thank you sir.

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@ninja_welshman: I have a great appreciation for clean classy looking fight sticks, nice work. Also, six buttons for the win.

Thank you, that's the look I was going for. Glad you like it. Went with 6 buttons for the nostalgia of playing SF2 in the arcades when I was young and also to keep the size down.

Great sticks guys btw.

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@damodar said:

@ninja_welshman: Nice work, super clean. I have to appreciate the care that went in to making the internals look nice, from the sleeves on the wiring to painting the stick mounting plate. Did you make the housing yourself?

Yes sir. Not hard at all. Measure twice and take your time.

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I built this stick from scratch. I still suck at fighting games.

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Is it bad that I still don't know whats going on?

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@flappy said:

I won't be preordering this game, but I might rewatch Alien!

Thanks Sega!


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Bravo sir, bravo. Anyone else think there should be a "small business man" t-shirt or something?

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I hope this becomes a new feature. Also......WTF?!

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@hom3r: I can't tell you how much I hope your right! BF2142 was the first experience of Battlefield and online multi player. It blew my mind! Titan mode is the best! Fingers crossed.