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Hey guys thanks for he help but o never did get my 360 fixed. But fortunately I got a Xbox 360/kinect for Christmas so my problem is solved.

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Hey I am ninjahaxer. If you haven't noticed I am a ninja gaiden fan. I play the original call of duty black ops, my accounts are VNTG_JiNZO and TrikZ_SnipezZ. I'm on it everyday so just give me an invite and u will get destroyed. I qs(quick scope) by the way. My favorite game character is ryu hayabusa. I am new to this forum and can't wait to have an amazing time tryin it out. Thanks :)

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Call of duty black ops (first one)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks everyone for your help, I hope I will have it fixed eventually.

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I have had my halo 3 special edition Xbox 360 for four years now. It. Has has problems that I have been able to fix in the past. Recently it has obtained the three red rings and the screen pops. Up with an E74 error. I have boughten and new fan and AV cord but that hasn't fixed the problem. If anyone know how to fix the E74 error please help.

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What exactly is this? I am new and would like to be informed?

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I still play the first black ops. But ever since black ops 2 came out not very many people have been online playing. My PSN account is VNTG_JINZO. I prefer the first black ops and i am always on. Comment, give your opinion, or maybe share your PSN ID. If you want to and are interested send me a friend request, but let me know ahead of time when your sending it.

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Hi my name is ninja; i am new here and i am posting my first topic right now. My favorite game character would have to be Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Its a badass game. So what is your favorite character?