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 My name is Amanda. I was born 12/28/92 (for those who don't want to do the mat I will be 18 Dec. 28. I am living in Yakima, WA with my fiance' and my 2 wonderful roommates. I'm a Juggalette, & I don't give a fuck what anybody has to say about it. I'll back my family till' the end so back off or get out. I have a potty mouth, but I'm also a very respectful person. I play WOW & Tally everyday, and I love both of them dearly. My eyes change colors. I have straight black hair. I am 5'3. My sign is Capricorn. I come from mainly German heritage but when it comes down to it I'm just a mut in a white girls body. I love Chinese food. I can't live without Mountain Dew or Monster. I love wolves, snakes, and rubber duckies. I think my eyes are pretty and sometimes the rest of me but for the most part I'm kinda self conscious.. Unless your shy then I become really outgoing. But hey y'all, hit me up if ya want to. If you know me or want to get to know me you'll learn soon that I love to talk. If you want to hang out, then hell thats even better. I'm out for now though.. MCL! -Amanda.