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The first would either be the Initial D Arcade game or possibly Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Drift 2

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Man did Konami's booth suck.

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I wish I could find some ramblings about the Konami press conference, although there were some highlights, it was fucking horrible.

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A Super shotgun has always been a double barreled shotgun. It's always been the nickname or name for a double barreled shotgun which outputs from two barrels a slightly bigger load than the single barrel shotgun with a sawed off's precision.

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Exactly the same thing, Super Shotgun and SSG should be aliases for the Double Barrel. If you disagree then name a difference besides 'Well Doom and Quake called it this....'

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They are exactly the same thing, Super Shotgun and SSG should be aliases. I don't see the distinction here.

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You're kidding, this is actually pretty awful. The weapons are the weakest pieces of shit I've ever used. The enemies are extremely repetitive as well and the levels are insanely long. I've never had a level I thought was going on for too long and desired to see its end just to get through like I have in Dreamkiller. It's so monotonous and uninspired. The story concept was great, going into dreams like a Psychonaut Psychologist, but the development team is just not capable of delivering even a pizza. This was disappointingly monotonous for even a mod, let alone a full blown professional game. The game could have had potential, if it tightened up and had some real designers behind it, but as it is it's too bland to even call uninspired.