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Quite simply it dosen`t work 0

 The tony hawk franchise use to be the number one skateboarding franchise of all time but since EA`s skate series came along it seems like every entry in the tony hawk franchise is a step backward. It seems like time has caught up with tony because tony hawk ride is awful and in turn is a step backward for the franchise.   OOOOOH AHHHHHHHH  The main attraction to tony hawk ride is the skate board controller. This is how the game is played and you can`t use anything else. The controller consists...

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Great Idea Poor exucution 0

There is nothing wrong with the conduit its a great wii game but the fact of the matter is it dose nothing special to separate this from any other shooter it is cool to see it done on wii but the game feels boring and kinda dumb. Pick up a cheap copy of metroid prime 3 and you will have a better time....

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This buggy broken game will make you angry 0

Lets get one thing out of the way right now I absolutey love the hulk he is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time. But this game fucking blows. From controls, to story, to bugs it sucks. The game dose not at all follow the storyline from the movie but all you need to know is the hulk is stopping terrorists from destroying new york city, that's it that's the story. The only good thing is blowing shit up. Other than that i played this game for 2 hours shut it off and went to gamesto...

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