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I don't think the server matters too much anymore after you decide the type you want to play on. I was fighting for kills in the newbie area too a few days ago and realized its because they are all cross realm now. Only difference I noticed was making another character on an RP server and seeing that it then locked it in with players from other RP servers. Its not so bad once you get out of the starting area, though.

If you ever did dungeon finder and got matched with players from other servers with * next to their name, that's how the whole game is now. Even guilds can be made up with people from any server / realm of the same type (Normal/PVP/RP) as far as I can tell.

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I thought it said her mother died giving birth to her? A lot of things in this game don't make sense. I supposedly grabbed all of the remnants and got the achievement but didn't grab "every single remnant" for that achievement, so I guess I am still missing something somewhere. I don't think this is the worst game ever but I am glad I only paid $10 for it.

The first day I played for about an hour, which was enough to get about halfway through the game. All the jump scares had some kind of music or building noise leading up to it, so they weren't shocking at all when they happened. Such as "the witch" making those dumb noises when she's behind you or following you. When I loaded the game again to finish the rest, things were quite a bit different. There were no music queues and no drums building up or anything like that. A couple of mattresses flipped over but that was about it. I just kept on and turned around a few different times to go the other way because I hit a dead end, and there she was...right in my face and the loud ass scream would trigger right when I saw her. It got me a couple of times...until it kept happening over and over and I realized, unless something changes again, that it doesn't really matter how random this game is when the scares don't really change.

Maybe this is a bad game. If the story isn't very good and you get used to what scares are going to happen and this all happens within 2 hours of gameplay, at most...this probably is a bad game.

If you're looking for other random games like this, then there is one in early access on steam called Paranormal. I think it's a better game, but still not amazing. It takes about an hour to get through it once but it all takes place in a small 2 story house. The Dev is active on the Steam forums, if you care about that. He seems to help with problems and take suggestions for the game into consideration. Edit: He just updated it a couple of weeks ago. It will, eventually, be more than just a house. He claims all DLC / updates will always be free and that he is moving it over to Unreal Engine 4 and will make sure owners of the current one get both copies. I think it has potential.

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When I worked in a coffee shop, people would often ask this question and I always suggested a Mocha since most who asked said they like chocolate. The espresso flavor is there, but it's subtle and mixes well with the chocolate. Every coffee shop should have this on their menu unless they only sell drip coffee. They may even have a white mocha, too, but I wouldn't suggest it to you since it is incredibly sweet. A Mocha Frappuccino is similar, but it is made with blended ice and might not be great if you two are going to be sitting at a table chatting for awhile. (Cold wet hands and the taste from it diminishes pretty quickly as it melts)

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@starvinggamer: I thought I had read they had more health, but haven't played multiplayer very much. Thanks for clearing that up. I would also guess that it's a bunch of veterans to the game that are online now, but the original post was about it coming to plus and that will probably change once that happens.

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It's fine to play solo. The difficulty actually ramps up if you're playing with other people and can be problematic if you're playing with people who don't carry their weight. But if you're good and you're playing with other people who are good, then it will be easier. Tons of people put hundreds of hours into playing solo, though. The main difficulty comes from being geared properly and learning the patterns, weaknesses and strengths of each monster and countering them.

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If you have a Vita, it's worth pointing out that you can map the camera to the second stick. It's not impossible to play the 3DS game without a Circle Pad Pro, but it can be frustrating during underwater battles. Both are good games, though, and it's worth checking out if you can get it for free. About playing with others, the 3DS one only has local multiplayer but I believe the new one coming out will have online multiplayer. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite only has local but if you have a PS3 then you can use it to connect with other people online. There's still people playing it, but not a whole lot of people.

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My 3DS XL's battery is dead a lot more often than my Vita battery is and I play the 3DS much less.The standby on my 3DS XL is terrible. The original Vita is about 5-6 hours but I've played it for a couple of hours and then put it away in standby for a few days and I'm still able to play it for another hour or two before needing to charge it. It's always online, too.

The only real problem with the original Vita is the OLED having spots on it. It's only apparent if you're playing a game that is really dark while in the dark, like Lone Survivor. Even then, it's only really noticeable during a black loading screen. There is also the issue with accidentally hitting the rear touchpad when holding it but that's not really an issue except for one game I've played. I think it was Terraria and the problem was the rear touchpad can't be disabled in options. I only played the demo, though, so I don't know if that has changed or not.

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I guess I am weird, but I am actually glad that it is all text instead of voiced. It leaves imagining what kind of voice each character might have to the player. I like all of the different references to the first game and the remixes of the original music are nice. The actual combat gameplay isn't all that exciting to me, but I'm not a huge fan of things like Xcom either. I don't dislike it, it's just not my favorite. I'm only a few hours into it (heard the game is somewhere between 10-14 hours) but I like it so far. The thought of playing extra content or creating my own content after finishing the actual game has me thinking I will easily get the value for my money out of it.

As far as Kickstarter goes, I didn't back this game because I didn't know about it until it was over. The only two Kickstarter games I have played, that I am aware of, are FTL and now this one. If those two games represent the quality to expect from Kickstarter games, then I'd be more than okay with that. That's unlikely, though.

Also, if it makes any difference, the original Shadowrun games are somewhere in my top 10 games if not top 5. I often go back and switch between the Genesis and SNES version every once in a while and both were great in their own way.

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Hey duders. I'm Tripaholic on Marvel Heroes and play this game daily. Shoot me a tell if you need an invite. I'm also Tripaholic on Steam.

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Hope to get accepted soon. Playing with randoms makes me want to move on to another game. More than half the games I have played, people just stand around or half the team is trying to snipe from the ship.

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