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After all the mentions on IGN podcasts I just picked up Tech N9ne "Everready" and have been really liking that, I still switch it up in the afternoon commute for a mix disc of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes 80s songs, show tunes, and random other punk covers. This very moment my kids for some reason are listening to a dance class CD with Beyonce's "Halo" song which is what reminded me to check Giant Bomb. I was imagining this song playing over a ballet interpretation of a Halo game with Master Chief doing spins and leapswith a blaster while badly costumed Grunts and Elites get shot down each time he comes out of a spin or leap and above him is a woman in a Cortana costume spinning and kicking in a hula hoop suspended from the ceiling like in a Vegas show. This thread topic couldn't have appeared on the front page at any better a time.

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I did not like Dead Rising, yet I have the expensive Zombrex Edition of Dead Rising 2. I suck at Rock Band yet I have nearly the entire run of Guitar Hero games. I have Bionic Commando, which I rented and hated....I don't recall buying it so I suspect it followed me back home!

Soooo many games I bought and forgot about until looking for a disc to trade in and it's like "Lost Odyssy? Where did you come from?".

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Batman. Always Batman.

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Allow me a conspiracy theory moment, please.

I got on a mailing list, it's for like petitions and stuff and I usually ignore it, but a while back there was some bill being submitted which would make file sharing (torrents) not only illegal but also censor the internet. It was delayed to be reworded and it came up again recently. My thought is this: what if the government is hiring hackers or they have their own people hacking sites to make it a big deal and get support for bills like this to be passed through without any conflict? It would be a perfect way to start censoring the internet and making the country more China like while in the meantime China is on record (forget where) about hiring hackers to fight enemies or something like that. Maybe America is corrupt and we're heading for a dictatorship, maybe we've decided to fight fire with fire, or maybe I'm just watching too much X-Files right now but it was something to think about.

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I have no idea why it happened because I did most of the side missions but got loyalty for everyone and talked to them at all possible opportunities. The thing is that I did suicide mission with Tali in vents, no problem especially with Garrus on 2nd team. Put Miranda on my biotic bubble with Samara and Grunt as my back up for killing stuff. I put Jacob in charge on this 2nd team. It was all good until we get to the end and Grunt dies during the cut scene...just carried away by the swarm! I was pissed because I don't know why he would die! Anyone know?

It gets worse, I go through the rest of the mission, kick the robot's ass, and on the way out watching the cut scene there's a dead body and it's idea how or why again!!!

WTF!? I don't know what I did wrong but can someone point me to what I need ot do better? All the FAQs seem to say is just upgrade your stuff be loyal...does this include upgrading weapons? I only got half way upgraded on sniper rifle but he never used it anyway...did he? HELP!

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I thought I read somewhere that new kharakters would be $4.99 each or maybe it was $3.99 each.

They will be expensive but the other stuff is free so it almost balances out and the game is great either way. Still, I'll probably get at least two if not all of them.

I just can't figure who'd be a good 4th DLC character. I never hated Meat as a concept so maybe he could be the last one and they just update all his moves to fit in with the new game? It couldn't be Goro, could it? They wouldn't make it just be a boss character I hope

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Love me some Vans Sk8-Hi (black or blue) but have a pair of Converse black leather lowtops which I can't find ANYWHERE anymore which are wonderful but falling apart. I used to have some Football hightops which were like a Royal purple by a company called Dada Supreme or something. They are still around but not making purple hightops which makes me sad.
I got a pair of custom Chucks with purple leopard print but the soles are too low and I end up walking on my pant cuffs if I don't roll them up like a dweeb. Still, you won't ever find a pair of shoes with your Gamertag and purple leopard print.

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Not good enough...I have a lifetime membership, do they plan to give me a super drug that keeps me alive for exactly the number of days they were offline? A mask, really? Maybe if it was a real mask then it would be a start but all in all this game hasn't delivered on it's promises as it is and now it's offline and unplayable while they offer up a piece of in game gear? Screw that noise!

I am just pissed at Sony and at whoever was responsible, it's ridiculous the mess this crap has created.

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Ok, I didn't know there was an actual name for the game that later became Portal so I guess I'm dumb. Otherwise not to tough aside from needing to think a little outside the box for that last one on I Can't Let you Do That, Duder. Once I figured it out I was really feeling dumb!  All  in All: #2747

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@MasterChief said:
"... i remember listening on the radio today and some pitbull song was playing with some moron autotuned voice and it sounds so stupid compared to the songs back then..."
Auto Tune is to this generation as bell bottoms were to my parent's generation and neon spandex or big hair is to my generation. I was born in the 80s but got into music in 90s during Jr. High and High School. I love the random 90s song that comes on the radio! Just yesterday I was rocking out on the way to work (at 5:30 AM!) to "I can never be your woman". Prodigy Firestarter will always get an automatic bump in the volume department when I hear it as will Dynamite Hack "Boyz in the Hood" God that was a great cover song!