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I like really sugary pop-punk like Dude Ranch era Blink, the first two Simple Plan albums, New Found Glory, Bowling for Soup. I also like Eminem exclusively for rap music and some of the forefathers of punk like Bad Religion and Rancid. Garbage is amazing (not to mention Shirley Manson is hot), and I'm a sucker for punk cover songs especially 80s music (Me First and the Gimme Gimmes does an amazing Mandy as well as Uptown Girl).

Never been much for metal but I get a sweet spot for Disturbed or the random rock station song by bands I don't care enough to remember the name to.

Country music can suck an egg...I will not will not in the rain or in a tree not in the dark while you pee. I do not like it Sam I Am, I'd rather choke on Green Eggs and Ham.

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Can't find a video to show the class but my favorite I think is the old MK2 glitch where Baraka did his Babality but was still moving so he could move over and scissor slice the baby into blood globs. Sick, twisted, but still funny and shocking as hell the first time I saw it.

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It's still far enough out that I wonder if they think it'll be a bombshell or something. I want to pre-order my copy this week but I've been teeter tottering which version. I got the PSN demo and love it but haven't tried on Xbox yet (mix up with my internet cable needing to be shared by the kids' computer and my Xbox so it's not been on Live for a while). 
I wish they would just say "Look, it's out in a few weeks so here you go..." and lay all their stuff on the table be it Xbox content or characters or a tin box or whatever. The not KNOWING and only GUESSING makes it worse because if it's a case of console specific characters that could decide which version I get even though it'll likely not be as good as the normal cavalcade, excuse me the Kavalkade of Kharacters.
Anyway, however this turns out I am going to freaking LOVE playing whoever, that demo shot me from a "nah" to a "Hellz to the yea!"

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I have been waiting to use my code from the CE edition. Loved Jill in MvC2 and was really hoping to get her and Chris and Wesker on a team to kick some ass! Oh well....bummer
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If the bans are due to a REPORT POST then it means someone upset someone else...I'm not opposed to this as long as they have some recourse for people who just disagree with your opinion and are dicks.
As for the banning from your games....forget that! If you pay money to use the game (I know we all sign away our rights to "own" the game with any terms they throw at us as gamers) then you should not have that taken away without a refund. Not a partial return, not credit for another EA title, A full on balls to the wall(et) refund.
Can't believe they get away with this.

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Inside it is Dead Space 2 but I beat it last night so I'm onto Bulletstorm next

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Red Dead is amazing but GTA4 has the same problem all GTA games have for me which is they eventually have a minssion which is so hard I never get past it and hence hate the game for not letting me get past a chase. For instance, I got decently far into GTA4 only to have to chase a dude on a motor cycle. I NEVER LEARNED HOW TO RIDE A MOTORCYCLE!!!! To have my entire mission rely on this stupid bike that flips me at the lightest collision while the dude I'm after races off into the sunset or whatever is redonkulous! 
I really love Red Dead though....unhealthy amounts of love
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Silent Hill 2 was one for me. By the time the end comes around I was really upset and felt betrayed!  
Also, Mafia 2, oddly enough, was most recent having just beat it last week. The last cinematic really upset me and made me want to control my guy to blow away the last survivors. 
This has happened other times too but less speciifcally and like previously mentioned tends to be with RPGs from my childhood.i
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I could care less about multiplayer. However this game looks good and the story seems pretty intriguing so far so I don't see a reason not to get it. I pre-ordered already like a month ago.

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Subtitles are a must. Sometimes I turn the difficulty down if I know I'm going to suck or I just want to play for the story on my first playthrough. I tweak brightness and basically just check the options menu first. I also take the box sealer tape, that clear sticky label that keeps the box closed, and stick it on my wall. Been doing this since I started doing DVDs and Playstation one games and it's gotten pretty crowded on the wall. 
In game "things" I do is check the achievement list once something pops up, even if it's obvious I just beat the level and earned it. With RPGs I hit the attack button just as my character hits the monster as I always think it's going to deal extra damage if I time it just right. That's just one of those reinforcement things from back in my ChronoTrigger days. I name all of my characters after Movie Characters or names that really don't fit the look (like Fritz or Sven for bulky muscle men and Hugo or Ahnold for wimpy guys).