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I used to buy them one off each month but it's really a better deal to just get the card. For the price of like two issues you get a year of discounts and the magazine. More magazines to read about games are always better: I get GI, EGM, GamePro, and PSM. 
Really at my GameStop the way this would have played out is as such: 
You: Hey, let me get this issue 
Clerk: You know you get a free subscription with our new card....<insert pitch here>. 
You: Nah, I wanna check it out to see if I like this one or EGM better. 
Clerk: Oh that's cool. Just take that one to try out and if you like it let us know and we'll set up your Edge Card . 
You: Thank you most awesome Gamestop dude, you rock! 
Clerk: So do you citizen, so do you! 
Anyone in the Portland Metro area should check out the Wood Village GameStop. Those guys rule hardcore! I usually shop BestBuy but used games and accessories I get from Mike and his crew because they're so nice and helpful. They are the exception I'm sure but that's not the point.
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Best Buy sold my copy that I pre-ordered. I was able to argue with them to have them sell me the regular PC version (I ordered Collectors) at the CE price and just open a PS3 version to give me the statue and comics/etc. Got it home, did a thirty or forty minute install. Then couldn't sign in because it said my birthday, 4-19-81, wasn't old enough to play. I went online and got my Station account and then went to start the game.......and got "Can Not Connect With Server"
It was just a few minutes past 7PM so I wasnt able to get tech support and opted to email them. It's been three hours and i haven't played a single second of this game but the install screens were gorgeous
So far this sucks!

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I've never played an MMO before but I'm stoked for this one. Do you think you have to pay a monthly fee to have more than one character? I mean, can I make a hero and a villain for a single $15.00 monthly payment or is it per character? Also, what's the general opinion on male vs. female characters....I love Batman but otherwise prefer the female heroes in that universe like Black Canary and Huntress. Would I get made fun of for being a guy playing as a girl? I promise I'd never try to cyber or seduce any other guys (although I make no promises about other female characters).
I wish they would release some kind of interactive character creator site, like what Spore had, so I could see what options there are  and how that whole thing works. I just hope it's designed to allow for people who have no idea how MMOs work so I don't get left out even on day one. 
If I had to pick a hero or a villian, one or the other, what do you guys think? You playing good or evil and how much do you think it really matters? If I pick a villain will I have to deal with discrimination from the Heroes?
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Why all the fuss? Pre-order bonuses are >DLC< meaning it will be available later from your preferred download store. So you get the one you prefer to shop with (Best Buy for me) and you get what they offer. Then in a short time after the game is released you buy and download the other skins/fatalities if you are into that. However, they are KLASSIC, meaning they are the same as MK1 (or 2 as I'm sure Reptile's fatality is the "eat his head" one). The characters in game will still be wearing clothes, just reboot clothes. And they will still kill dudes in extravagent and gorey fashion...just rebooted gorey fashion! 
Stop worrying so much, any extra content is good extra content. At least it's not exclusive "gold" weapons which do NOTHING but cosmetic....fatalities are always fun to watch.
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Where to begin! I'll just list a few: 
1-District 9: ugly setting, boring story....I just wasn't into it and didn't get the rave everyone had for it 
2-Napoleon Dynamite: stupid, boring, and not funny 
3-Blade Runner: sci-fi noir sounded good but sadly this is just weird and not good. Looks fantastic though 
4-Any Cohen Brothers movie: Nothing they have made was any good outside of O Brother Where Art Thou which was actually the one Clooney performance I not only wasn't annoyed by but actually enjoyed. No Country was crap, Serious Man was retarded, Ladykillers was atrocious! 
5-2001: Stop it....I'm sure the effects were amazing but that doesn't mean anything if you don't have a story to back it up. I'm smart and I get weird cinema but this was just a mess and I think people should quit with the love
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Couldn't be more on board with this unless I was twisting the pixels myself. Original was great, addictive fun, and even though I got distracted by other shiney new games I plan to play again someday...unless this comes out first then I'll likely just get this newer shineyer sexier Splosion Man....err....Splosion Woman.
Their funny and hyper games genuinely seem designed to make gamers happy so they have already earned my bucks. Also, let me add the press release is genius. More like that from other companies, would be a welcome aside to the real game coming out over a year later (Looking at you Bioshock Infinite, I don't need to see you two years before you come  out, it's just torture unless you give me some ARC or something to look forward to enjoying NOWish)

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You know, Matt Hazzard really did have a great idea and sense of humor, I'd say even on par with some of GTA or Saints Row's best jokes!
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My question would be this: had you been given the option between an old school 60gig model with the extra ports and slots not to mention PS2 backward playability vs. the new slim you just described......would you have preferred the lighter, smaller, slim version or would you have wanted the old one to keep playing your Ps2 games and having those extra features?
I ask because you spent roughly the same amount I did to get a fresh from the factory 60gig old school fat PS3 (my other one must not have been fixable as this is obviously new new instead of refurbished new) and I wonder if I have my system break again should I bother with Sony. I can count on one hand how many times I have played PS2 games on my PS3 so that's maybe not as big a deal as I THINK it is, I only bought the system once I heard they were removing backward playability. The extra ports are nice but I don't usually need more than 2 unless my kids play but they have dongle things for Rock Band that split the ports for four controllers I think. I have used the memory card slot once to view camera photos on my TV but I can just as easily view off my computer with the Media Server option.
What would you have done? I think for me I'm stuck on the idea that I paid for X and replacing with a new version now would give me much less than my original intent....but do I really need the extra bells and whistles? More stuff is always better but if it's not used does it matter?

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Mark Wahlberg is NOT an average guy....which is why I liked Nate Drake so much, he's just a dude who wants to find the treasure and not get shot doing it! Nathan Fillion would be great though, I know he's not a big enough actor to get butts in seats but I think he would make the best possible Nathan Drake.  
Any other ideas who would be a good Drake? Anyone is better than Captain Funky Bunch but who would be the best realistic choice?
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I remember loving the old NES Star Trek: 25th Anniversary game. Obviously it's going to look ugly as sin now but the ideas of exploration and combining things was really fun and the story was interesting. I want to say there were some dialogue branches too....maybe? 
Also, Star Trek: Borg was short but sweet if you're into Star Trek.  
At this point maybe they should try to do another adventure/action style Trek game as the sim games have been pretty bad. I think Abrahms next flick should be out in about a year and a half so maybe someone should start cooking up a new game now.