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Playing with just the Wiimote is one of those things that sounds good until you play it. They should've just added nunchuck support. That way you can have full analog 3D control and you won't have to turn the controller towards the screen when aiming. I don't get why Nintendo's being so stubborn about it.

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"Your" should be "you're" at the beginning of the fourth paragraph.    

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Not digging the font; it shouldn't be bolded.

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@pandemic said:
" Here's what I think they should do: combine powers.  Give brad the sticks and have the the other three rip on the game as he goes along.  Brad will chime in from time to time and will be way better because of the bigger group; he seems to play off of everyone really well when they're all together, especially Vinny."
That's actually not a bad idea. MST3K videos usually have 3 people providing banter. Maybe they should consider this for the next endurance run - it might relieve some of the pressure of having just two people constantly talk. The couch is kinda small, though. However, I am looking forward to seeing how Brad and Ryan progress.
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The underwater turtle shell power-up was in the first Galaxy.

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@Meptron said:
" first question is messed up. how long have you been a member? one answer is over 2 years. site hasn't been around for 2 years! "
I noticed that, too.
I guess if you count the blog, the site's been around that long.
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Just thought I'd point out that "your" is misspelled on the contest page.

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Haha, nomination for worst late title card.    

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I liked Jared... :/

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