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When suddenly, all of the money ever was dumped in Dbz's direction, and nobody know what the hell to do.

I love charity streams. :3

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@Spuhnj: A hero is you. Thank you, good sir.

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^No need to wear yourself out over it, you've done a lot already. Also, I agree. I almost keep forgetting that it was a download-only game. The quality of the game is great, and it never stops being enjoyable (until 3-11 and 3-17... Screw those two puzzles).

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@PirateNipple said:

Here's a bunch more, not mine:

I can't seem to get any of these to work... Is there higher resolution versions of these anywhere? ... Maybe I'm just doin' it wrong?

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You're my hero for making this. Do you plan on making any more Scott Pilgrim ones?

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Anyone who hasn't tried it yet: rest easy. Human Revolution ain't too bad.... And neither is the site, so that's also a plus. 
It beats watching stuff on youtube for a few hours, haha. :3