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My skepticism hath been rewarded.

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I just want to chime in and say that by the technical definition of a game, SaltyBet is one.

There is an objective (get more money)

There are possible outcomes which the player does and does not desire(you do get more money, you lose money)

There are strategies that you can enact which increase the likelihood of winning or losing (learning what the characters do, how their AI is written, how they match up)

In general, these are the major agreed upon components of "being a game" in academia.

And now you know.

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I played Earthbound about 9 months ago, and It is easily one of the best games I played last year. The atmosphere and attention to detail are staggering, as well as the unique concepts they develoepd for some of the characters and story points.

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Spelling words with u's is how I indicated that I am not American on the internet.

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You are the first person who has mentioned my game in any way. Thanks :)

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@thephantomstranger: I saw the bug you mentioned in a livestream today. This appears to be 100% Chrome related. I'll make a mention of it in the description.

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@lackingsaint: The idea about have words come up one at a time is giving me an idea. Thanks!

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@ravenlight: You can, though some users have had issues with Chrome.

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@thephantomstranger: That's the first that anybody has mentioned of that. Which version, and if web under which browser?

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I shout Porsche and don't punch anyone.