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Highly Recommended, But Know What You're Getting Into 0

(Please note that this review only covers the single-player portion of the game, on PC. The game also includes co-op missions and a competitive mode)The original Sniper Elite was not a game for everyone. Even on the lower difficulty settings it was quite willing to punish small mistakes, and the pace that you had to play it at was just above glacial. On the other hand, it wasn’t what you would call realistic in the way that something like Arma 2 is. It rode the line between arcade and simulator ...

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For Everyone Who Ever Wanted To BE Space 0

Solar 2 is about as indie-ass an indie game as you can get. It was made by one guy (plus a musician) in his proverbial basement, who has a degree in biotechnology and has never worked in the game industry. This type of development process almost always leads to something interesting, but it’s rare to get something that is genuinely and uncompromisingly good out of it. Solar 2 is completely unlike anything out there, and executes itself nearly flawlessly.The Sense of scale in Solar 2 is superbAt ...

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Flawed, But Fascinating 1

(Please note that this review only covers the single player component of the game)Gearbox’s President and CEO, Randy Pitchford, once referred to Duke Nukem Forever as “The Unshippable Game.” As I was playing DNF 14 years after it began development, I had similar feelings about its reviewability. Played out of context, it is a mediocre game with occasional highs and lows. The graphics are poor, the shooting doesn’t feel great and much of the humour falls flat. And yet, with the games bizarre hist...

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