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They could have at least put a note on the box saying that some features require the HDD. :/

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Also, if you bought a copy in the UK you're extra screwed, as the Slim hard drives don't go on sale until the end of the month. 
Gives you enough time to play through the single player campaign I guess.

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Bioshock 2 limited edition was work it for me. LP record, soundtrack, three posters with hidden blacklight messages, art book, and fancy box. I'd estimate the retail value of each item as $5, $10, $20, $15 (not pricing the fancy box, and these are low-ball estimates). Add a $60 game to that and you get roughly $110, $10 less than the new price.  
I have too much video game crap in my apartment to get LE games unless they have something reeeeeally nice in 'em.

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It's really weird, since the multiplayer works can you have a working multiplayer but not co-op? I don't know enough about games/memory/technology in general to know :/

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This thread is making me thirsty.

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I was doing well for a while...then I had a flight to England. Back to the drawing board, lol.

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This may be in Persona FES as well (it's the one edition of the game I don't own). For one of Elizabeth's quests, you need to get a portable game player from Junpei. Everyone who has already played knows that this is a reference to the PSP, as Junpei refers to it as the COMPstation Portable. However, if you take a second to look at the key items in your inventory, you will see that the item has an awesome description: "The 'Odin Cube' disc is already in the tray." 
Someone may have already pointed this out, but I just found it and it put a little smile on my face <3

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lol I thought this post was going to be, "If I buy a year sub and get the I only get the t-shirt for the year?" 
My brain is stupid.

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@DXmagma: Don't think I've ever seen their front page without at least one article about boobs. Currently they have the "bouncy" screenshots of Dead or Alive for 3DS (I guess to be fair, that's more the fault of DOA). One is "here is a cool video game image." I guess that's just not what I'm looking for in a site.
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